Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hoping you had a blessed and happy thanksgiving!!!

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food,
For love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Autumn Summary

When I initiated this blog I had envisioned posting routinely as a way to chronicle my family's life, keep the family updated and as an aid in planning future happenings; however, for the past month or so, I have been so bogged down with the details of life that I have not had the time, nor the desire if I dare be frank, to blog. But now as I try to regroup I find that I can not look forward without summarizing what all has been happening around here.
  • Maceo performed in Alice in Wonderland Jr. - 16 performances in 10 days.
  • Bishop, who has had chronic sinus congestion and enlarged tonsils for years, visited his pediatrician, the ear, nose, throat doc and the allergist. It was decided that he would get to keep his tonsils for now and it was determined that he is highly allergic to all types of dust mites and moderately allergic to trees, grass, and weeds. He has begun allergy shots - he has had 4 thus far.
  • Maceo saw the pediatrician regarding a head-jerk that he has developed. He will be seeing the neurologist next month; however, the pediatrician thought that it was important to rule out sydenham's chorea which would be a symptom of rheumatic fever caused by an untreated strep infection. He had not exhibited any signs of a strep throat and I was confident that the lab work would support that; however, the lab work showed that he had recently fought a strep infection. This then meant that the possibility still existed that he had rheumatic fever. We scheduled an appointment with infectious disease specialists at St. Louis Children's Hospital. In the meantime, as a precautionary measure, he was given a penicillin shot. (It was horrible). Four days prior to this appointment he became ill with the flu. We almost cancelled the appointment but he was fever-free and feeling better the evening before we would have to leave. By the time we made it to St. Louis he was exhausted. He rested well and felt ready to address the rheumatic fever issue. Great news- it was determined that he does not have rheumatic fever. We will discuss the head-jerk with the neurologist. While at the hospital it was noted that he had a low-grade fever, by that evening the fever was 102.8, and the next morning it was 102.4 and accompanied with vomiting. After we got his fever reduced we opted to head home. The trip home was uneventful but within two hours of arriving home we were heading to the emergency room because he had coughed up a blood clot. It seems as though his flu had developed into pneumonia. This last week he began breathing treatments and will have a follow-up with the pediatrician on Tuesday.
  • We have attended trunk-or-treat at our church, carved pumpkins and had an eventful halloween. Maceo had two theatre performances on halloween and between those performances he had a cast party. Bishop and I managed to squeeze in some trick-or-treating just prior to going to the evening performance of Alice in Wonderland Jr. where Bishop got to participate in a costume contest and request candy from the cast members.
  • One of Keegan's closest friends got married. Keegan was the maid-of-honor. She had a "bachelorette" party of sorts for the bride and her friends at our house. The house looked beautiful (I wish that I had pictures) and the food was fabulous - pinwheel sandwiches, relish tray, chocolate covered strawberries and pumpkin bars (which have become a favorite, I just might share that recipe later). The wedding, the bride, and her bridesmaids were absolutely lovely. Keegan gave a rather successful toast to the bride and groom. And music was awesome, I haven't danced like that in such a very long time.
  • We were burglarized. The burglar stole one laptop computer. But the most terrible part about it was that he entered the home while Christian was asleep. Christian briefly awoke and saw the man standing over him but was too groggy to register that it was an intruder. Fortunately, the burglar just took the laptop and ran. Very disconcerting though.
  • Keegan and Maceo auditioned for King and I and both were cast. This will be the first show in which they will both be cast members. I am so excited.
  • Herb got orders for Ft. Leonard Wood and will be home for Christmas.
What did not get accomplished during the last three weeks or so:
  • Very little in the way of formal lessons has taken place due to the doctor's appointments and illnesses. Fortunately simply living provides so many learning experiences.
  • We were unable to recognize Veteran's Day and Martinmas in the ways that I had hoped. But there is always next year!
That was quite cathartic. I now feel as though I can look forward and focus on what is just before me - Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas. I will post those plans soon.

Theatrical Updates

We are so very blessed to live in a community that has an incredible community theatre. They offer educational and performance opportunities. Keegan has been in 5 productions and Maceo has been in 4, including special summer programs and performances. Maceo's most recent production was Alice in Wonderland Jr. (Jr. means that the entire cast is comprised of children ages 18 and under). Alice in Wonderland Jr. is now over and was a great success. Maceo was a creature in Wonderland and a Royal Cardsmen. He was fabulous and had a great time. And, auditions for King and I have come and gone and...(drum roll, please)...Maceo has been cast as Prince Chululongkorn and Keegan has been cast as Tuptim.