Saturday, July 30, 2016

Last Weeks Frugal Accomplishments

I spent an hour this morning working on the backyard.  Although I didn't complete a single task I do feel accomplished.  Any progress is better than no progress.
A particularly bright spot is the horde of volunteer tomato plants flourishing in the backyard.  There are approximately a million little tomatoes all over them.  A small handful have ripened - little yellow tomatoes, little red grape tomatoes, such a wonderful surprise.  I also had a little pepper that had ripened (this one I had planted).
I have found these little treats to be inspirational.
These treats and a hankering for something Mexican-like compelled me to make tacos.
I used the hamburger meat that I purchased for $1.90/lb. at the commissary while visiting the hubby.  I added the pepper, some tomatoes, made a taco seasoning, and fried up some taco shells.
They were delicious.  Bishop thought they hit just the right spot.
Then, being in the kitchen inspired me to make some blueberry muffins with the .99/pint blueberries I bought yesterday (

-I sorted through my storage pantries to assess what I have on hand and what I don't.  I am developing a plan for how to be prepared for the transition that is impending.  I was actually surprised just how much I had in the way of body wash, face wash, and shaving cream.

-I bought a Sunday paper for the coupons and purchased some items at CVS as a part of the plan to stock up for the transition.  My shopping trip wasn't something that would be featured on Extreme Couponing but it was a truly decent start.  I spent $29.14.  I purchased 2 cases of water, 4 Monster beverages, 1 bottle of mouthwash, 2 bottles of shampoo and 3 bottles of conditioner.  This is a decent starting point, particularly since I came out of the transaction with $4 in ExtraBucks.

-I had a $10 coupon for Kohl's and a second coupon for 20% off of my purchase so I bought each of the boys a shirt and, for myself, I bought two pairs of socks.  The socks had been marked down to $2.60.  After the coupons were applied they cost me a mere sixty cents.  I paid $5.63 for all items.

-I went to Aldi to do some grocery shopping.  I spent $141.91 which was $8.09 under budget.  It was particularly satisfying as I was able to stock up on a couple of items such as cat food and dishwasher detergent.  I know have $158.09 left in the grocery budget.

-I transplanted a plant that was being overshadowed into a flower bed where it can thrive.

-I scored a free plant at a native flower giveaway and planted it in my Mother's Day flower bed.

-I signed up for a Thrive Market trial membership and received a free jar of coconut oil.  I simply had to pay for the shipping of the oil - $1.95.  I will cancel the membership next week.