Saturday, January 9, 2010

AMTC in Orlando, part 2

Wow, the last several days have been crazy fun. Keegan has participated in 7 events and has done fabulously. Keegan participated in TV Commercial, Spokesperson, Creative Runway, Scene Read, Photography, Cold Read, and Film Audition. We finished the last competition just this afternoon but the job isn't done yet. Tomorrow will be callbacks and speed networking. However, we do get to have a little fun tonight. There will be showcases tonight featuring the top 40 TV commercials, improv, monologue, stand-up comedy, singers and dancers. As if that isn't exciting enough...Keegan is part of the show as one of the top 40 TV commercials.

The runway where spokesperson, photography, and creative runway competitions will be held.

Keegan prepared to promote her Zune for the spokesperson competition.

My lovely ladies waiting for the creative runway competition - Chonda and Keegan.

Below is the list of the top 40 tv commercials. (Keep in mind that there are over 600 competitors.) And, yes, that is Keegan on the list!

In the end, Keegan received 4 callbacks, interviewed with an additional 12 agents, and was deemed one of the top 7 female adult commercial models!!!! Our final day in Florida was a success!!!

A farewell and celebratory party!

Goodbye, Florida!!!

It was a successful trip and I do believe that some doors have been opened, even if only slightly. We look forward to seeing what the future has to offer.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

AMTC in Orlando, part 1

Keegan and I are in Orlando, Florida so that she may participate in the Actors, Models, Talent for Christ Competition. She will have the opportunity to perform for and speak with a host of professionals in the entertainment industry. Competition begins tomorrow. Keegan will present a television commercial on camera. On stage she will compete in spokesperson and creative runway. We have been here a couple of days and have yet to participate in a competition so she is excited to get things underway. In the meantime, we have attended meetings, workshops, rehearsals and preparation. We also have had a great time familiarizing ourselves with the hotel/convention center and with the young lady who is sharing a room with us. The hotel is quite fun with individual areas representing different locations within Florida. It has an atrium, alligators, and lots of charm.

Keegan with quite the catch!

Chonda - our new friend.

More tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday Bishop!!!

Six hours old - that is about how old Bishop would be nine years ago at this time. What a wonderful addition to our family. I am so richly blessed to have Bishop as my son. I love you, Bishop, and wish you the happiest birthday!

Keegan and I are in Florida for her Actors, Models, and Talent Competition so we are unable to celebrate with the family but they have some fun things planned. We did have our traditional family dinner in honor of his birthday before our leaving. What a blast! Again, Happy Birthday my dear, sweet Bishop!!!!

Star Wars themed - one of his favs!

Stuffed Sopaipillas, chips and salsa, baby carrots, and applesauce - his meal of choice!

Cream Cheese Pie for dessert - I hope your wish comes true, buddy!

Dessert was enjoyed by all!

The card and a "teaser" gift.

The big gift is unveiled on the front porch...

a bike for Bishop!

It was a "thumbs-up" good birthday!!! (Yes, that is a cigar in his mouth. A gift from Dad's collection to be stored until a more appropriate age).

Friday, January 1, 2010

Sometimes life rewards me with a moment of sweet perfection. Last night was one of those nights. It was a simple night - simple food, playing Aggravation while listening to my old albums (Everly Brothers and Herman's Hermits), and counting down to the new year. Maceo and Bishop were so charming. They delighted in the revelry of bringing the new year in. Afterwards we snuggled and read aloud until we dozed off. We didn't have the heart to move the boys from our bed. It was a night filled with such sweet moments.

I hope that your new year is blessed and filled with many sweet moments of perfection!!!