Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas with Keegsies

Keegan was able to come home for a bit of a  Christmas celebration!
We got to meet her fabulous boyfriend
and exchange gifts

and just, in general, have a good time together!
Playing some catchphrase - fun!

(A delayed gift to Bishop from Keegan.  He loves it! Thanks, Keegan!)

A true blessing for this Mama!

O Christmas Tree

All six of us home.
All six of us decorating the tree.
All six of us putting our own beloved ornaments on our tree -
ornaments that represent our accomplishments and interests, our lives!

I love it!
O Christmas Tree!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Congratulations, Christian!

Christmas is upon us and the halls are decked...
and they have been tweaked for a very special celebration.
Christian has done it!
He has completed his undergraduate work and has earned a bachelors in political science.
So we celebrated!
We celebrated him and his accomplishments.
We acknowledged some of his traits that have led to success
and asked others to share their keys to success or simply to express fondness and well wishes.
We put the champagne on ice to await the moment in which we would toast Christian, his accomplishments and successes.
And, of course, we had food!
Lots of food.
We had southwestern wraps (thank you, Mandi),
ham sliders and grilled bacon and onion sandwiches (courtesy of Chef Bishop),
shrimp cocktails and the best bean dip in the whole wide world,
a gorgeous veggie tray (designed by Dad),
and plenty of dessert -
oatmeal creme pies (thank you, Little Debbie),
banana pudding,
and beautiful and tasty cupcakes (thanks so much, Sarah).
The guest of honor enjoyed this good food and enjoyed the best of company.
He enjoyed family...

and friends.

They all enjoyed the food and company as well.

Are you feeling the love?

Truly a great time was had by all

and a young man's accomplishments were recognized and celebrated.
I am so proud of Christian!
I am proud of his ability to set goals, be self-directed, work hard, persevere and dream big!
Congratulations my wonderful son!

His celebration coincided with another event -
the CWFL (fantasy football league) Super Bowl.
The man of the evening defeated me by two points to win the super bowl and get the highly coveted super bowl ring and the league champion trophy.
Once again, Congratulations my wonderful son!