Monday, November 26, 2012

Here Is What I Have Been Up To

Thanksgiving really snuck up on me this year.  This year there is no tree of thanks, no special decor and the kitchen table, which we usually use for our brunch buffet, is a stacked mile high.  
I have been rather distracted with chores around the house.  The garage needed to be cleaned out before the roofers get here to repair and replace the roof.  I have been cleaning out the attic in order to make room for the homeschool room/art studio that will need to move in there so that Bishop can have the current homeschool room/art studio as a bedroom of his own.  And in the midst of all of this I finally got inspired to spruce up our main bathroom.  
Now, let me explain a little something about this bathroom... it is purple, professor plum purple - on the walls, on two of the cabinets, on the door and on the ceiling, the shower surround is painted gray (blessedly not purple), the cabinets are ill-proportioned and (wait for it...) there is shag carpeting on the floor - that's right, carpeting on my bathroom floor.  I have long wanted to redo this bathroom (from the moment I saw it over five years ago) but one issue after another thwarted my efforts leaving me frustrated and uninspired.  Finally accepting the fact that I was not going to be able to rip the whole thing out but was going to have to work around the flaws of this room and finding one cool vintage thing to build the room around has inspired me to finally tackle this room.
So, here is what I have been up to...
The purple bathroom (I wish that I had taken a before picture but a during picture will have to suffice).

In order to begin painting this room I, first, had to sand it some.
I failed to mention above that the walls had been texturized in the most funky of manners.
There were texturized swirls and coils and waves and... it was surely an experiment in texturizing.
So, last night I got to work sanding instead of preparing for Thanksgiving.
And today I have kind of been winging it.
Nevertheless, we have had a beautiful Thanksgiving day.

We enjoyed our munchies and our meal (of which there are shockingly no pictures)
and football and family togetherness.

I am thankful for our daily bread, my husband's faithful provision, my children's love and patience, 
and inspiration and motivation that will allow me to turn a purple bathroom in to something more suitable for our family.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day: A Day of Importance

It is Election Day and we have reviewed the election process...
and have taken part in that election process.
( I wish I had pictures of us participating in the process.
Going to the polls is one of my favorite family activities.
Everyone in the family goes to the polls together whether you can vote or not.
Maceo and Bishop have gone to every presidential election since their births
 and many other elections, as well.)
We have proudly worn our "I Voted" stickers to a restaurant for our traditional post-voting lunch.
And Bishop and I had fun making cookies in honor of our candidate of choice.
The cookies were Bishop's own design and I think that they were quite clever
(Mitts for Mitt, get it? teeheehee).

Now we have out our map of the United States and are anxiously tracking the electoral votes as the projections come in.
Participating in the election process of our representative republic is one of my greatest privileges and I hope to convey that to my children.

Election Day Food for Thought

"Politics is the framework for our lives. You can no more stay out of it than you can stop breathing and still expect to live.  We are involved here in the struggle for our future - freedom or slavery.  Nobody with a conscience can stay out of it."
(Excerpt from Freedom's Fire by J.P. Trent)