Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lifestyle of Learning 2016 Edition: Volume Thirteen

June 5 - 11

Sunday:  Friends picked up Bishop to take him to a scout summer camp.  This is a camp that our troop designed just for our boys.  Bishop helped set up camp, went to beach at the lake, and attended leadership training.
Maceo performed in yet another show.  Afterwards, he and I went to Charleston's.  Oh my goodness, this restaurant was so good - chicken fried steak, ribs, burgundy mushrooms, yum!

Monday:  Maceo and I drove home from Tulsa then I went to summer camp. Bishop's day at summer camp included kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, fly fishing, swimming, and leadership training
It was so great to see him!!!

Tuesday:  I returned to summer camp today to spend the day with Bishop.  We went sailing and the boys did cliff diving, swimming, kayaking and leadership training.

I left him out on the water.  I was loathe to leave, as I have missed him so much, but I had to get some rest so that we could return to Tulsa in the morning.

Wednesday:  While Bishop spent the day sailing Maceo and I returned to Tulsa in time for his vocal lessons.  Afterwards, we met some of the cast at Lanes and Lounge for some bowling  (I came in second with a tripe-digit score of 100!!!!!) then we went to Olive Garden for some dinner together.  It was wonderful!

Maceo and the other teens from our group went swimming at a fellow cast-mate's, Savannah's, house.

Thursday:  Bishop returned home from camp looking forward to a little bit of rest.
Maceo had an hour of vocal lessons then he and I went to a new restaurant, Brownie's, for lunch,  Actually, it's an old 50's diner and the food was very good!

Maceo performed again tonight.

Afterwards, we had pizza and parfaits (Parfaits have layers and everyone loves parfaits) and games (Skip-Bo and Aggravation).

Friday:  Maceo and I went to Elmer's It be bad! BBQ and Blueseum.

He performed yet another show while I returned to Springfield to pick up Bishop.  For dinner, he and I went to Creasian and tried a new dish, fish with mushrooms.  We have almost had every item on the authentic Chinese menu.

Saturday:  Early in the morning, Bishop and I hit the road to head back to Tulsa for the final performances of the show.  We got there in time to get to Burn Co. when it opened but even then the line was through the parking lot and down the sidewalk.  We opted to go to Andolini's for lunch instead.

It required a brisk walk because the street was blocked off for the Farmer's Market but we did get done just in time to drop him off at theatre for call for the afternoon show.  Bishop and I walked around downtown.  We saw Black Wall Street, Tulsa Tough,  and the chocolate shop.

We then went to see the Golden Driller on our way to the mall to get some more clothing for Bishop at a shop that we found that has perfect clothing for his style and his frame.

We then went to get Maceo upon his completion of the matinee. We walked down the block for some dinner at Dilly Diner...

then returned to the theatre in time for Maceo to make call.  Bishop and I helped strap Farquaad into his costume then watched the show.

So much laughter!!!