Sunday, March 11, 2012

Welcoming Ella!!!

The invites, in their fun envelopes made of maps, have been sent
and the party day has arrived!
The day in which we join together as a family and welcome
Ella Nicole to this wonderful world of ours.

Please let me introduce you to
Ella Nicole.
(in all her party finery!)

Since we were inviting her to our wonderful world we chose to make maps central to the party decor. We also incorporated vintage luggage and milk related items into the decor. It may seem a little disparate but it worked with the luggage representing her journey in this world and the milk jugs echoing the beverage of choice for this party.

This table was for the guest "book",
which, in this case, was index cards that were to be pinned
to the map bulletin board.

I think it turned out rather sweet!

The beverage table ... simple yet functional.

And the cookie table.

I made a banner out of vintage maps

and map-covered blocks

and, with the help of Jennifer and Roxie, thirty dozen cookies.

Eight different types of cookies were presented to our guests

and, because it complements cookies perfectly,
milk was served.

Three different choices -
white, strawberry and chocolate.

After watching us set out the cookies, Ella's older brother, Austin, was ready for the guests to arrive so that he could share a cookie with each of them.
(Being the gracious host that he is, he did try very hard to have a cookie with each and every guest.)

The guests arrived and got their hands on the precious guest of honor,

they wrote notes expressing love and good wishes to our sweet baby,

they shared gifts with the newcomer,

documented the gift giving,

and ate many a cookie!!!

It was a joyous occasion full of good wishes

and lots of love!

We love you so much, Ella Nicole!
We are so glad that you are here!
We do hope that you take great joy in all this beautiful world has to offer
and we hope that you have a joy-filled grand adventure!

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  1. ABSOLUTELY smashing!!!
    Love the maps and milk theme.