Friday, June 1, 2012

A Week (or so) In Review

A busy week (or so) has been had by our family as we try to wrap up our school year and just continue to live our adventure.
Bishop's scout troop was asked to place flags on veteran's graves prior to Memorial Day.
As a family, we were so honored to get to be a part of this.
It was a rewarding experience!

Homeschool choir finished the school year by performing at a local university.
Maceo's choir was getting positioned during intermission and I was able to get this relaxed candid shot.  He doesn't allow that very often so I treasure photos such as this.
The performance was fantastic and he has been promoted to concert choir a semester early.
He is pleased and I am proud.
The day after the performance the homeschool choir and orchestra, comprised of about 350 students, fellowshipped at a local park.
It was four hours of fun and sun - the boys got the fun and I got the sun, a sun burn that is.
The boys had a fantastic time.  We will miss our homeschool friends over the summer.
And, finally, our week involved celebrating the birthday of the Christian church, Pentecost.
Maceo has declared this one of his favorite celebrations of the year because he is guaranteed one of his favorite entrees - buffalo chicken wings.
We also had 'tongues of fire' veggie tray and 'fruits of the spirit' salad.
For dessert we had simple cupcakes each with their individual flames.
(I tried to make tri-colored flames on each cupcake.  I failed miserably but that didn't keep everyone from enjoying the sweet treat).
Happy Birthday!

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