Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day: A Day of Importance

It is Election Day and we have reviewed the election process...
and have taken part in that election process.
( I wish I had pictures of us participating in the process.
Going to the polls is one of my favorite family activities.
Everyone in the family goes to the polls together whether you can vote or not.
Maceo and Bishop have gone to every presidential election since their births
 and many other elections, as well.)
We have proudly worn our "I Voted" stickers to a restaurant for our traditional post-voting lunch.
And Bishop and I had fun making cookies in honor of our candidate of choice.
The cookies were Bishop's own design and I think that they were quite clever
(Mitts for Mitt, get it? teeheehee).

Now we have out our map of the United States and are anxiously tracking the electoral votes as the projections come in.
Participating in the election process of our representative republic is one of my greatest privileges and I hope to convey that to my children.

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