Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lifestyle of Learning Volume 19

Aaahhhh...Sunday has arrived.
So we say farewell to the week that has just ended, this first week of the new academic year, and we recap how it is that we have chosen to live our lives for this week, the week of June1- June 8.

We checked on the goslings that we found at the park a couple of weeks back.
 We found that ours were grown and another little family has some kiddos that are almost there.  They are practically the size of their parents, their markings resemble an adult goose but their feathers lack their shininess of their parents.  They are so sweet.

We enjoyed the natural offerings around us.
We are particularly enjoying the glorious offerings of the magnolia tree down the street.

We are still watching the magnificent show 'North America'
and more MythBusters and FaceOff and so on and so forth.
There has also been reading.  Bishop is making progress on The Brotherband Chronicles and Maceo is working in World War Z.  Maceo also found this cool website that allows him access to movie scripts.  He depleted the ink in the printer by printing the script for Napoleon - a movie written by Kubrick, his favorite director, but never produced.  He has begun reading that as well.

Speaking of Kubrick, Maceo bookended his week with Kubrick movies.
The Moxie is doing a Stanley retrospective during the month of June.  Of course, Maceo is thrilled.  Last week he saw Dr. Strangelove and this week he saw 2001 A Space Odyssey on the big screen.  He even managed to talk some friends in to joining him to view 2001.  He is proud that he was able to introduce his friends to Kubrick.

There is still sketching going on here.
On a whim, I got Bishop the Boys Doodle book thinking that it might provide fodder for his sketching goal.  He really digs it!

I sent the boys on a dudeventure.
(They would hate that I just wrote that.  They scoff at my phrase but I find it much easier to say then guys day out or dude adventure.  Dudeventure is succinct and quirky - it works for me).
I sent them downtown for lunch at a Mexican restaurant and then a quick walk to the larger movie theater for a viewing of Iron Man 3.
They had a blast!

We had other adventures.
We took a day trip...
to the Ralph Foster Museum,
chuckling at first with the claim that it is 'The Smithsonian of the Ozarks"
but coming out a believer.

And we saw the Star School.
And we went in to Branson...
to score some lunch...
and some ice cream.

Another day we managed to celebrate summer at Lamberts.

We enjoyed the weather.  Whatever it chose to bring.  Whether it be fog...
or rain or sun.
And when it was sunny we worked outside building a basketball hoop, planting more flowers and mowing the yard (although that last job never seems to be done when we are getting as much rain as we are).  And when it was rainy we worked indoors rearranging the house.  Maceo now has his own bedroom.

Other business got taken care of as well.
The boys went to the dentist.  Maceo went to the barber.
And the Jeep went to the shop.

 I ended the week helping a friend prepare for her son's Eagle Scout Court of Honor.
Our week will begin with attending this special event.  We are so excited!

What a fantastically full week it has been.  We have accomplished so much and we have enjoyed life so very much.  Now we dive right in to another week of life and all of its grand adventures!

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