Monday, May 5, 2014

Lifestyle of Learning 2014 Edition: Volume Seven

Another adventurous week in our family.  A week of being thoroughly engaged with the people before us and the world around us.
Maceo had his final performance of Shrek The Musical on Sunday.
And, as usual, it was a bittersweet moment.  On the one hand Maceo is ready to move on to the next venture but, on the other, it is difficult to part with the cast that has become a family of sorts.

Shrek has closed and immediately Maceo has jumped in to rehearsals of Into the Woods.  He has had three rehearsals this past week and has continued with his vocal lessons.

Bishop's week began with returning from his scout camping trip.
They camped in a cave and got to play arrow tag in the cave as well.  Cool!
The following day Bishop participated in an academic fair.
It is a small event started by a friend and myself.  We will rotate hosting it every three months.  We have invited other friends to participate but for the inaugural fair only our families participated.  The kiddos can pick whatever topic they would like to present and have to determine the best way to present the information regarding that topic and then actually do the presentation.
Bishop chose to do his presentation on his trip to Petroglyph National Monument.
The audience was very interested in his subject matter and he did a good job presenting the information.  Upon reflection he determined that he needs to spend more time preparing for the speech portion of his presentation.  The academic fair is deemed a success.
We then had lunch together and just visited for the remainder of the afternoon.  Wonderful!
Bishop also continued with history group.  The group continued with ancient Rome and the ancient Jews.  As a supplemental activity we read a book on the history of hanukkah and Bishop and I taught the other kiddos how to play dreidl.
It was a blast.
We will be wrapping up history within the next two weeks.  It has been a fun addition to our lives.
Serendipitously our park board hosted a homeschoolers outdoor fair on our nature study Thursday.  So our group met at the fair.
We learned about bird identification

and about bears and what to do if we encounter them.  They had bear pelts and the skeletal remains of a small black bear on display.  The skeleton of the bear paw was particularly fascinating.
We did some comparative anatomy at a display of animal skulls.  We looked at their teeth, eye sockets and ear cavities.  The funky little skull in the front of this photo is that of an armadillo.
We also took a hayride over to the watershed
 and participated in a macroinvertebrate survey.  We found damselfly and dragonfly larvae, water boatman and some things that we were unable to identify.  Inspired, we will be doing this with our nature study group in the future.
While at the watershed Bishop and I spotted a rose-breasted grosbeak which will now go on our bird life list.  Yay!!!
It was a very rewarding day.
We finished up our week by attending ArtsFest.

Maceo performed with his youth performance troupe.
It was such a blast.  I love watching these guys perform!

The week ended perfectly with Bishop preparing dinner.
I love my life!

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