Saturday, March 21, 2015

Steps Towards Financial Fitness (Last Weeks Frugal Accomplishments) Volume Nine

March 15-21

-I have completed Herb's closet and now it is time to work on mine.  I have cleaned out the new closet space and have begun painting it.  I also began going through the items in my current wardrobe.  I recently stumbled across Project 333 and decided to take a look at my wardrobe through the 333 lens.  I have more then 33 items but probably only rotate among 33 items or less routinely.  I honestly thought that I couldn't have much more then 60 items in my wardrobe altogether.  I was wrong.  I am not sure just how many clothing items I had in my wardrobe but I can say that I had 12 black ladies cut t-shirts and at least 6 turquoise ones (ridiculous).  Please note that I said "had" - I got rid of 22 items and that was just after some preliminary sorting.
Herb's closet!

-I took a 2-drawer file cabinet and a trash bag full of stuff (including 22 clothing items) to the thrift store.  I did get a receipt for my items that I will file with my 2015 tax information.
-When I dropped off my donations at the thrift store I opted to go on in and took a look around.  Because I am trying to reduce my possessions I try not to go into thrift stores unless I have something specific that I am looking for.  Today I was looking for wooden and/or pewter-looking bowls plates, etc. for a medieval feast I will be hosting and silverware for everyday use.  I found candles for the feast 4/.50,  13 knives (11 for everyday use, 1 vintage butter knife, and one to use with my cheese board), a cool pair of little serving tongs, and a broadway album for a grand total of $6.  Cool!

-I had $40 in Kohl's cash that I coupled with a 20% off coupon and sales to get myself a pair of pants, three undergarments and a set of springy cloth napkins that I intend to use as a gift after I embroider accents.  I paid $2.36 out of pocket.  At the checkout I was given two coupons for Shutterfly that will allow me to have $40 worth of photos printed for a whopping $0!!!

 -I finished yet another lecture borrowed from the library.  I examined Shakespeare's tragedies a bit more by listening to Rediscovering Shakespeare.
-I served one of my favorite quick meals.  These marinated beef strips thaw quickly and cook even quicker.  They take less then 10 minutes to cook.  I serve them with rice prepared in my rice cooker and canned greens.  So easy!  And I only buy the meat on sale so also fairly cheap!
I ate my dinner out of one of the wonderful bowls that Bishop made!

-My sweet daughter turned 25 yesterday.  It was also opening night for one of her shows.  I had flowers delivered to her.  I used a coupon code to have the price reduced and it came with a free teddy bear and box of chocolates.  And, although I haven't mailed it to her yet, I have a birthday package for her.  The total cost of these gifts were $11.  Now I need to get Herb's and Christian's birthday gifts completed and all of them in the mail.

-Although I didn't manage to get the potatoes started yet I did repot some seedlings and have begun to prepare more seeds.

-I did get the tax information organized!
-And last but most certainly not least I enjoyed the gifts of nature - the crocuses blooming, the forsythia beginning to bud, and a most gorgeous sunset.

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