Saturday, August 6, 2016

Lifestyle Of Learning 2016 Edition: Volume Nineteen

Actually, all education is self-education.  A teacher is only a guide, to point out the way, and no school, no matter how excellent, can give you education.  What you receive is like the outlines in a child's coloring book.  You must fill in the colors yourself.
-Louis L'Amour

July 24 - August 6

A brief outline of a handful of days:

Sunday July 24:  Maceo spent the night at Carson's house last night.  I picked him up today then he hung out with a friend from out of town who was visiting.  In the evening he had three hours of Peter Pan rehearsal.  Bishop spent fours hours hanging out with friends at the pool.

Monday July 25:  Maceo went to the dentist for a cleaning.  We learned that he must have his wisdom teeth extracted - ugh.  He also had more Peter Pan rehearsals (1 1/2 hours).

Tuesday July 26:  Maceo went to Colton's house for a sleepover.  Bishop spent four hours hanging out at Hunter and Cooper's house.  He also spent a considerable amount of time researching music and sounds.  He is collecting ideas and samples to use in making music.  He is researching music a lot and his wheels are always turning!!!

Wednesday July 27:  I picked up Maceo from Colton's and both of the boys went to the doctor's office for a check up.  Maceo and other members of the Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr. cast performed excerpts from the show for a special event for local teachers and he had two hours of Peter Pan rehearsal.

Thursday July 28:  Maceo had three hours of Peter Pan rehearsal.

Friday July 29:  This - rapping deconstructed.

Saturday July 30:  Maceo went to Carson's lake house with Noah, Tommie and Ashton; boating, tubing, etc.

Sunday July 31:  I picked Maceo up around 4pm.  He began writing his troupe essay then went to a sleepover at Jacob Z.'s.  Bishop went to swimming pool with Love's (at least 6 hours at the pool and 8 overall with the Love's).

Monday August 1:  I picked Maceo up at Jacob Z's.  We went to City Butcher BBQ, a joint that makes it's own sausages.  Scouts resumed for Bishop.  Maceo finished his troupe essay then he went on date to the fair with Claire.  I learned that Maceo wants to get married (unlike what he used to say as a child) and he predicts he will be the second of my children to get married.  Interesting.

Tuesday August 2:  Maceo had troupe auditions.  Learned a dance combination and performed it.  Performed song from Ragtime and monologue from ???.  He submitted his essay and went to Pan rehearsal.  Maceo received books that he ordered - John by Annie Baker and Sex, Drugs by Eric Bogosian.  We watched a smidge of a comedy show that was highly liberal.  I got agitated so we had vigorous conversation.  Come to find out, Maceo was less content focused than I would have surmised.  He was more interested in the comedic process and tools and timing.  Bishop did an amazing job helping us hear each other.  I love these moments!

Wednesday August 3:  Bishop figured out how to use the metronome.  He is still researching beats.  Are there songs without beats?  Maceo had Brenna over.  We went to Pizza Inn.  Tommie came over.  Bishop grilled hot links etc.  Maceo did the shopping for dinner.  He searched the internet to get recommendation for bbq sauce.  Maceo listened to a smidge of the Mark Levine show I was listening to and identified logical fallacies of caller (the "system" is unjust; wrong for us to want small government because big government helps).  Bishop is researching fashion and its history.  Mamie Eisenhower popularized pink for women.  Black and blue were popular colors during WWII.  Among other tidbits.  Maceo made both YES troupe and Teen Players acting troupe!!!

Thursday August 4:  Maceo and I attended a troupe meeting with all the details to do with the upcoming educational year.  Herb came to town for doctor's appointments.

Friday August 5:  Maceo went on a second date with Claire.  They went to First Friday Art Walk.

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