Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dad is Home!!!!!

My dear and wonderful husband has returned from his deployment and is presently home for his 30-day leave. We have been enjoying his company for the last week. For the initial three days he stayed at a hotel allowing him to reintegrate into the family at his own pace and also to allow for individualized time with him. Maceo, Bishop, and I each got one day and one evening with Dad at the hotel. The boys were giddy with excitement to be spending time alone with Dad. Following those three days Herb has bought a car (he sold his Jeep to Christian last summer before he deployed), grilled several times (we have had beef brisket, pork ribs, hamburgers, chicken thighs and drumsticks, and at least 3 packages of hot dogs), played Star Wars Battlefront II with Bishop, played football with the boys, has given the boys much-needed haircuts, dined at Lambert's, and has visited the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame and has gone bowling. It is such a blessing to have him home with us. Welcome home Dad!!!

Bishop driving NASCAR at the Sports Hall of Fame (above)
Maceo doing the driving (below)

Note the hairstyles above and then take a look at the boys with their haircuts. This is the one surefire way to know that Dad is home!

(Dad has now been home for two weeks. Sorry for the delay in posting. It is difficult to blog at the speed of life).

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