Friday, June 25, 2010

The Adventure of Making This House Our Home a.k.a. Flea Market Fun

One of the things that I most enjoy doing is creating a home that is reflective of our family - practical, comfortable, and quirky. I find it delightfully challenging to fulfill the household's needs and wants in a way that is at least a little less than conventional. Although 'new' does have its place in our home I do have a penchant for all things vintage. My search for all things practical, comfortable, quirky and vintage usually leads me to flea markets, of which our area has an abundance of. I thought it might be fun to periodically share with you the sorts of things that I gravitate toward while out searching for unique items while on this adventure of making a home.

I love wire baskets, ephemera and most anything that is in those forties greens, reds, and yellow. That sweet little broom was only $5. In fact, everything in this picture only cost me $12.50.
These are for my outdoor living spaces. The Blue Ribbon Foods crate is from Albuquerque so, at a mere $3, it had to be mine.
These finds I hope to incorporate in my outdoors decorating. The hummingbird feeder has incorporated an old IV bottle and was only $1. The three little pots were irresistable as they were only $1 a piece as well.
I intend to fill these old frames with family photos and line my hallway with them. The large white frame with the print cost a mere $7, the one on the left with the flowers only cost $6, the frame on the right with the baby photo actually houses 3 photos and cost $5, and the empty gold one set me back 1 buck. I will pair these up with a couple of other frames that I already own and hope that together they create a stunning display. Soon I will have to face the daunting task of selecting family photos for each and matting and framing them. I sure hope that I can find an economical way to accomplish this task.
I will share pics of my home at a later date, as I know that most of you have not had the chance to visit me yet.

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