Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Fair is Here!!!

Oh, how we love this time of year - the fair is here!!!

The boys discovered the big rides last year. Bishop is quite the adventurerer and discovered that he loves a little speed. Maceo likes to play it a little safer but he loved the bumper cars. Both were greatly anticipating this years fair - Maceo for the bumper cars and Bishop for the water ride. And, I must say, that this years fair was not a disappointment. The boys started with the rides they loved most last year.

Then they met a couple of fun-loving fair-goers who encouraged them to branch out and try some other rides. They loved to race down the giant slide...

and they rode the rollercoaster, after which Maceo declared that he should have written his will prior to coming to the fair.

They hit the fun house...
and some other crazy and fast rides. It was a blast!

We cooled off with fresh lemonade and enjoyed funnel cakes...

and foot-long corn dogs.

Then the food was gone and the fair fun was over.
Great memories were made!

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