Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Springs ending, Summer is just beginning

We have been experiencing a flurry of activity as spring rolls to an end and as we anticipate the season to come. We have been busy, busy, busy wrapping up our school year. Here is a quick review.

In order to earn his forester badge, Bishop went on a hike with his fellow Webelos. He learned to identify trees, poisonous plants and some animals.

In fact, Bishop had a rare opportunity to observe a muskrat.

He took these fabulous photos.

He took pretty incredible photos, didn't he?
It was so cool!

Maceo, with the rest of his acting troupe, performed at Artsfest.

They are always a crowd-pleaser!

I was greeted with this wonderful card the morning of Mother's Day.
It was from Christian and said, "22 years with the best Mom ever...
and many more to come."
Isn't that wonderful?

Bishop has been working hard on completing a host of cub scout badges, pins and belt loops.
So that he could earn his pet care pin and belt loop, he created a poster and gave his first public speech. It was quite an accomplishment!

He has now been moved up to Webelos II and
was proud to receive the badges, pins and belt loops
that he had worked so hard to earn.

Maceo gave his final performance with his homeschool choir.

They sang Cantar, Kyrie and Only Hope.
It was fabulously impressive!

Maceo and Bishop also attended the end-of-the semester party for their homeschool group at the YMCA.

It was a fun and

rewarding experience.

Homeschool choir also had an end-of-the year party.
We met at the park,

played with good friends and

ate good food.
It was a blast!

Having wrapped up the school year,
we now anticipate summer.

Summer reading programs and ice cream cones,
definitely something to look forward to!

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