Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just Piddlin' Around

Bishop has been away at resident camp and Maceo is gone for seven hours a day working on a play, leaving me home alone and with lots of time on my hands. I find myself just piddlin' around. For quite some time I had been wanting to make cake stands from vintage plates, so I pulled out some plates I love, acquired some epoxy, spray paint, and candlesticks, and determined to make a couple of cake stands.

I spray painted the brass candlesticks and glued them to the plates.
So simple and so beautiful.

I then felt compelled to piddle around with the cake stands and I created this little vignette.


feathers, and flowers.
I am so enjoying it!

After making those cake stands, my brain went into overdrive -
what other items could I use to elevate my vintage plates?

And, I came up with this.
As bases, I used an old baking powder can and old coffee cans.
Because of the size of the cans in relation to the size of the plates, I didn't even need to glue the plates down - they are just sitting there looking fabulous.

I want to use these as serving pieces for a brunch.
Won't that be fun?

I also came up with this...
making a cake stand with vintage milk bottles as the base.
This will be perfect for the 'milk and cookies' themed baby shower I am thinking of throwing for my niece.

It's been a fun week, just piddlin' around!

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