Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

"Happy New Year!!!" says Bishop.

Maceo, on the other hand, refuses to give you all a New Years greeting.

This goofy picture of Maceo was taken after he had given a New Year's Eve performance at the community theatre. (I told him that I would post on the blog whatever picture he permitted me to here it is in all of its glory).
Each year, our arts council organizes a 'first night' celebration in our downtown area and we participated in this event last night.
We saw a college basketball game and Maceo's performance at the theatre.

And had a blast at the Discovery Center.

After performing, Maceo went to a friends house to bring in the New Year. He found their New Year's traditions to be particularly interesting; i.e. they all threw pennies out of the windows in order to ensure good luck in the year 2012.
Meanwhile, Herb, Bishop and I hung out at home.
Bishop and I listened to my Everly Brothers album while making gingerbread houses.

Bishop had a great time making this house...

...and making this mess...

...and making some noise!

Our family had a wonderful time celebrating the arrival of a new year and we hope you did as well. Also, we pray that you have a blessed 2012!!!

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