Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cigar Box Artists Reception

Each participating artist was given a cigar box and four months to create a unique piece of art. There were no restrictions. The artist could do anything they wanted with the box; use it, in its entirety or any piece of it, in any way that they wanted.
And the results were stunning!

Kevin, inspired by the tobacco barns of Kentucky, created a box around the cigar box using old barn wood and tin roofing.

Jennifer created a compartmentalized box with trinkets set in resin.
This box is intended to be utilitarian as well as beautiful; it is intended to be a jewelry box.

This piece, by Tammie, is entitled 'Homage to a Homesteader.'
A photo of a family member represents the homesteaders of New Mexico and the cattle tag, baling wire, and nail represent the honorable work and self-sufficiency of these ranchers and farmers.

This stunning piece was created by Christie and features images of family members captured during 'a moment in time.' She was dear enough to include a sweet bundle of these photos within the box.

Lauren created a really sweet souvenir box, a place to store momentos that will allow her to remember those special moments of her life. I wish that I had snapped a picture of the interior as it is equally as beautiful as the exterior shown above.

Roxie, disassembled the box so that she could use the bottom of the box and its lid as covers for a book. In order to bind the book she used a technique called coptic binding.
She has been intending to try this technique for the last ten years and has finally done it. It is fabulous.

This final piece was created by my mother, Bonnie. It is a salute to the members of our family that have served in the armed forces; including my husband who served in Iraq, my niece who served in Afghanistan, and my uncle who died while serving in Vietnam. A medal belonging to my uncle is on the front of the box.

She enlarged the box, more than doubling its size, and created a false bottom where a bundle of newspaper clippings and photos were found. It is an incredible piece of work!

Every piece of art was so unique, beautiful and wonderfully executed.

At the end of the reception we did a drawing so that the pieces of art would go home with a different artist then they arrived with.
Mama received Jennifer's, Roxie received Kevin's, Tammie received Mama's (thank you Mama!), Christie received Roxie's, Kevin received Tammie's, and Jennifer received Christie's.
Lauren's will be returned to her, she couldn't bear to part with it (and I can't say that I blame her).

What a fabulous evening and what fabulous creations - I am blessed to be surrounded by so many creative people! You all make me smile!

P.S. Hey, Christie, Kevin really enjoyed receiving his art from the 'Something Old, Something New, Something Found, Something Blue" challenge.
It is beautiful!

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