Saturday, February 11, 2012

In Anticipation of Our Cigar Box Artists Reception

Our latest artist challenge involved cigar boxes and, once again, I hosted a reception so that all the challengees could unveil their masterpieces simultaneously.

When I host an event, I like to create vignettes on the front porch that give a hint as to what is taking place within my home.

My hope is that it helps create a sense of anticipation for my guests.

But, even if it doesn't accomplish that goal, I enjoy digging through my stash of stuff ...

and pushing myself to create something interesting and beautiful.

Of course, as I am digging through my stash of stuff I am also looking for items that could create a centerpiece for the reception table.

As my hubby is a cigar smoker it was not difficult to come up with the elements of this centerpiece.

And, yes, I must admit that the main items in this centerpiece come from hubby's stash of stuff, not mine. He approved of the centerpiece and I think that it pleased him that his treasures were taking center stage.

For the reception, I served wine and sparkling cider and hot and iced teas.

I, of course, also served an assortment of munchies:

a host of crackers, cheeses and meats,

grapes, and lots of chocolate -
cookies dipped in chocolate, pretzels dipped in chocolate,
and sea salt and chocolate covered caramels (delish!).

It was a beautiful and delicious spread that seemed to be enjoyed by all.
(Especially those caramels, do you see them above in the cigar box? Roxie and I had a difficult time pulling ourselves away from them. Yum!)

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  1. HOW LOVELY! Your porch was so clever and beautiful! What fun and so nicely presented.