Monday, February 17, 2014

Last Weeks Frugal Accomplishments

The frugal updates for the week are:

*52 Week Savings Plan:  I have not actually deposited any money into this account yet as I have been unable to get to the bank due to my injury.  I hope to deposit another $30 in to this account which would give me a balance of $80 but it is not in there yet.  I will let you know next week.

*Christmas Jar of Change:  I only added $1.54 to the jar this week but when added to the previous balance I have a total of $51.54 in the Christmas Jar of Change.

*Favorite Frugal Accomplishments:

-I accomplished one no spend day.

-I signed up for Groupon and used it to buy an airsoft party package at a significant discount for Bishop's belated birthday party. To further my savings I entered the Groupon site through Ebates and received a small percentage back.  Also, as an introductory offer to Ebates I will be receiving a $10 WalMart gift card soon.

-I also made a purchase through Living Social, via Ebates.  I paid $5 for $10 worth of pizza at a restaurant just around the corner from the theatre which will come in useful during tech week and during the month of Shrek performances.  I am trying to plan ahead in order to reduce some of the expenses I inevitably encounter during shows.

-Also through Groupon I purchased a highly discounted voucher for a photo to be printed on canvas.  This was a fantastic offer for me because one of the items on my gift list was a photo on canvas.

-I had received a coupon for a free calendar from Shutterfly.  When I set up an account with them they gave me a coupon good for developing 50 photos free.  They also had a promotion that allowed for free shipping if I ordered $30 worth of product.  So for $35 I was able to have a photo calendar made, 289 photos developed and all of it shipped to me.  The calendar is to be used as a gift and between the coupon and the free shipping I paid absolutely nothing for it!

-It has been tremendously cold in our neck of the woods so we have been having to run our heater consistently and have been leaving the faucets dripping to prevent the pipes from freezing.  This has a negative impact on our utility bill but, inspired by Brandy, I have been paying more attention to our light usage and making a concerted effort to reduce it.  Every little bit counts!

- I have effectively used my menu plans to utilize the food stuffs that we have at home.

*Last week I slipped on our concrete front stairs and landed on my lower back.  I didn't break any bones or damage my kidneys, for which I am tremendously grateful, but I did significantly traumatize my muscles and have been largely incapacitated.  I have been unable to fulfill most of my duties here at home and my dear boys have had to take up the slack.  They have done a stellar job.  But it is obvious to me that I could organize things in my home differently that would allow others to take over my responsibilities more readily.  One evening we ordered takeout and spent a not-so-frugal $50.  If I had had some meals prepared and in the freezer that the boys could readily have utilized then I could have saved that $50.  However, on the up side, we have only purchased one takeout meal and I have been largely incapacitated for 5 days thus far.  Thank you, my wonderful boys!

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