Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lifestyle of Learning 2014 Edition: Volume One

Life became very busy and hectic and documenting the ways in which we are learning as we simply live has gone to the wayside.  As I peruse the past months of this blog I find that I miss reviewing the little things that make up our lives.  Although I hope to get caught up on documenting our adventures I know that the best plan is not to get any further behind.  So, without any further ado, I present to you just a little sampling of what we have been up to in this new year.

Maceo has spent much time during this new year at the theatre.  He is still in an acting troupe requiring rehearsals for two hours per week and the troupe has had one performance this year thus far.  He was cast in Music Man Jr. and had many hours of rehearsal.  He had a promotional performance on Martin Luther King Jr. day.
Not great pictures but...

you can still see Maceo.  He is partner dancing on the far left side of this picture.

And he performed his role of Charlie Cowell in twelve showings of this production.

His acting choices were VERY funny!  It was a delight seeing him in this role!

Also, he auditioned for SHREK and was cast as one of Farquaads guards.  So he continues to stay busy at the theatre.

Once the holidays were complete and the weather permitted Bishop resumed Boy Scouts.  He attended a Merit Badge University where he was able to earn the fingerprinting merit badge and complete all but one requirement of the entrepreneurship merit badge.  The troop has also recently begun working on the cooking merit badge, which is now an Eagle required badge.  Of course, cooking is one of Bishop's fortes and he does plenty of it at home.  Here is a sampling of some of Bishop's most recent culinary creations.

Buffalo chicken breasts and bacon for chicken sandwiches.

Super-duper yummy hamburgers.

Bacon and onion grilled sandwich.
And currently Bishop is helping me prepare every meal since I am virtually incapacitated due to injuries caused by a rather stupid slip and fall accident.

Bishop has also had some science-related fun in the kitchen with some lemons and a delightful book on the science of lemons.

Bishop and I have started taking drawing lessons.

 Bishop introduced the fun of perler beads to some friends.

And had some fun at the Discovery Center with other friends.

Panning for gold!

We love the Kapla blocks!

A little lunch and a little fun after the Discovery Center.

And there would be a slew of other activities as well such as:
Bishop making gelatin targets for practicing shooting of his new air soft guns,

both of them making progress on their goals of working through a Biology and a math textbook, Bishop attending a class on animal senses and another class in which he got to dissect a squid (sorry, no pictures because a friend took him to the class and I was at the hospital after the aforementioned stupid slip and fall accident), Bishop watching Animal Farm, Maceo reading Death of a Salesman and any other script he can get his hands on, Bishop going to open gymnastics, Maceo continuing with vocal lessons and proudly beginning work on an Italian aria, Bishop resuming history group and discovering books on the kindle, and both of them discovering the joys of sledding,

It seemed like such a slow start to the new year but after listing some of what the boys have done I am pleased.

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