Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lifestyle of Learning 2014 Edition: Volume Ten aka Wrapping Up the Academic Year

That's it.  Another academic year has come and gone.
Today, officially, Maceo is a freshman in high school and Bishop is an 8th grader.
(Just between you and me, a little mama part of me is tearing up as I write those words - my babies aren't babies anymore, sigh).
We spent the last two weeks visiting with family and wrapping up some activities.
Maceo completed his troupe obligations for the year by performing at the Senior Showcase.  It was a little bittersweet.  I so enjoy watching him perform but it was the last time that he will perform as a middle schooler.  Hopefully he will make the high school troupe and then, in four years, we will find ourselves at the Senior Showcase with him making his final troupe performance.
Maceo continued with his vocal instruction.
Bishop completed his studies of ancient civilizations with his history group.  We will reunite in the fall to study the middle ages.
Bishop also met with his nature study group for the final time for his 7th grade academic year.  We went to the zoo and it was a delightful day.  The birds were nesting and, as the day was cooler, the mammals were frolicking.

One of our zoo's giraffes had just recently given birth so we were able to view a 3-day old giraffe. Adorable!
Bishop participated in scouts attending his regular meeting and a merit badge university where he worked on his emergency preparedness merit badge.  His troop also placed flags on soldiers graves at the national cemetery in preparation for Memorial Day.

Maceo logged 18 hours of rehearsal time for a production of Into the Woods that he is participating in.  The cast of the production had a promotional performance that he also participated in.

And, ever so exciting, Dad arrived home for a visit.
This, of course, meant that we had to go for a walk at the nature center.

It's a grand finale for a grand year of learning, of living!

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