Sunday, July 20, 2014

Last Weeks Frugal Accomplishments: The Deliberate Spending Plan in Action Volume 2

*52 Week Savings Plan:  When, oh when will I make progress in this area?  Not at this point in time.  Shucks!

*Christmas Jar of Change:  $2.76 will be added to the previous total of $91.58 for a new total of $94.34.

*Favorite Frugal Accomplishments:

-I applied my $20 in Amazon gift cards that I earned through Swagbucks and Bing Rewards to my purchase of educational supplies.

-I continued working my Swagbucks and Bing accounts.  Let's see if I can earn more rewards.

-I submitted the necessary information for a rebate.  The $10 rebate will be used to purchase Christmas gifts.

-I kept track of my spending as part of the Deliberate Spending Plan; however, I am not sure that I was as deliberate as I had hoped to be.

Sunday (07/13):  Impulsively I purchased a tea at Sonic for $1.61.  When Maceo returned from his mission trip I treated him to a drink from Dillons costing $3.09 and pizza from Papa Murphey's for a whopping $42.89.  Ugh.  (I spent a total of $47.59 that I will take from the grocery budget.  I have now spent $164.64 on groceries).

Monday (07/14):  An unexpected expense, I had to pick up a prescription for Maceo costing me $3.47.  Another $22.07 was spent at Dillons today for groceries.  I purchased a sanctioned iced tea today during Maceo's vocal lesson at Pickleman's for $1.93.  I also purchased a plethora of books that are needed for educational purposes.  I applied $20 in gift cards towards the purchase and paid $105.24 out of pocket exceeding my alloted amount by $5.24.  (Grocery spending = $186.71; Educational spending = $105.24)

Tuesday (07/15):  Today I purchased tickets for two different shows at the community theatre for $28 (this leaves another $12 available for entertainment purposes beyond what was set aside for the fair, etc).  I filled up the gas tank for $38.69 leaving $111.31 in the budget for gasoline.  Another impulsive purchase costing me $3.58 was made at Panera.  (I will take this out of the grocery budget which makes the total spent on grocery spending $190.29).

Wednesday (07/16):  I feel like I really blew it today.  Last night Bishop was invited to join some friends on a grand adventure today.  It involved field trips to a koi farm and a bird hatchery.  Field trip fees were a total of $8.50 and he needed additional funds for lunch.  I gave him another $11.00.  (The field trip fees are educational expenses and the lunch money comes from the grocery budget).  Because the adventure was planned at the last minute and I had an outing of my own planned for the next day it was easy to just pull out the cashola rather then plan meals etc., so... I swung by McDonald's in the morning to get breakfast for Bishop before meeting up with the friends.  This cost $8.04.  I left $29 cash for Christian and Maceo to take care of meals while I am off adventuring.  As a belated birthday gift I treated my sister to a blueberry scone at Panera, spending $6.96 in the process.  Roxie and I had a great day adventuring.  We went hiking and then to the Creation Experience.  Both of the activities cost $0 (yay!) but I stopped to look in the bookstore of Creation Experience and $27 later came out with some more educational-related items.   Roxie and I then proceeded to Branson where she had a gift card for a hotel room.  We ate dinner at the Farmhouse Restaurant where I spent $21.51.  This was an expense that I had allowed for in my budgeting.  I also made a Christmas-related purchase at an antique store in the amount of $26.55.  (Grocery spending = $245.29; Educational expenses = $148.74; Christmas expenses = $26.55, leaving $23.45 available)

Thursday (07/17):  While still in Branson I spent another $16.31 on dining out at Cakes n Cremes.  Again, this expense was allowable.  Also, the girls night out got scheduled for the same time period as this adventure so I will not be spending money on it.  I feel ok about the large dining out bills.  We stopped at an Amish store and I spent $21.90 on groceries.  On fair-related expenses I spent $7.09 at Hobby Lobby (and, yes, I used a 40% off coupon).  Then, again because of poor planning and me being exhausted after my adventure I spent $2.53 at Sonic on a tea and fed the boys Subway costing me $15.71.  (Grocery expenses = $282.90)

Friday (07/18):  And here is the day in which I officially blew it.  I had a rather enjoyable breakfast with Bishop at Panera but it was impulsive and cost me $13.93.  And talk about impulsive...after running into friends while taking in a show at the community theatre we went out to dinner at Picklemans where I dropped $36.38.  None of it sanctioned.  All of it impulsive.  Ugh.   I had to make a run to Walmart  and spent a total of $179.52.  $23 of that was for headphones for Maceo; not budgeted for and not absolutely necessary so maybe I should have refused to get them at this moment but I so dislike going to Walmart that I really don't want to make another trip in the future if I can help it.  About $50 was spent on groceries and the remainder, $106.52, was for fair-related expenses.  Bishop is entering 12 different food items in the fair so I had to buy quite a bit of groceries for his baking.  I probably overestimated how much flour, etc. I needed to have on hand so I am sure that there will be much leftover for family use.  Other then milk and produce I am hoping not to hit the grocery store again during the month of June.  (Grocery spending = $405.66; Fair-related expenses = $178.34)

Saturday (07/19):  $0 spent.  Yup, that's right, $0 spent today. Yay!!!

I definitely had successes and failures this week.  It is such a struggle for me but I will continue to persevere!

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