Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lifestyle of Learning 2014 Edition: Volume Fourteen

Monday September 1st marks the end of summer for us.  We now look to fall and all the traditions and opportunities that accompany it.  It is during this time that we evaluate our goals, particularly educational goals.  This year marks the beginning of a new journey for us - Maceo is in high school.  We have spent time discussing high school and post-high school goals and dreams and then creating some plans that will support them.  This year should be a fun and mind-expanding adventure.
And we are off to a great start...
Maceo began troupe rehearsal this week.  He also became a troupe mentor for the youngest troupers, for which I am very proud of him.
He continued to rehearse for the upcoming production of Mary Poppins.  The show opens next week!!!  Tech week will begin tomorrow - it will be a very busy week, the good kind of busy!!!
Maceo also continued with private vocal instruction and began and finished The Glass Menagerie.
Maceo finished up his week with his first troupe performance.  The troupes performed on the steps of the theatre during the First Friday Art Walk. He had the opportunity to perform a solo piece as well.  He performed "If Ever I Would Leave You" from Camelot.

Bishop also had a full week  He began reading Beowulf, Homer, The Number Devil, and Son of Charlemagne.
He went to the archery range for a little physical education and to complete his archery merit badge.

It was an energizing evening!
Thursday morning we hosted a breakfast for some friends and convened the inaugural meeting of our new service project group.  For the month of September we have decided to collect used shoes to benefit Sole Food.  The boys made collection boxes and will place them in their locations this next week.

(There is always some goofiness with this group.  This wasn't even the half of it.  The bulk of it came from my Bishop but, alas, he was elusive and there is no photographic evidence.  Shucks!)
This same group then moved right in to nature study group.  Using Bishop's Biology book as reference they prepared jars for cultures.
Then we went out to the watershed for a picnic and to collect some water samples.

He created cultures of these water samples that will be examined under the microscope next week.
Bishop wrapped up his week by participating in a merit badge university.  He learned how to weld and earned his welding merit badge in the process.

It was a spectacularly full week!
Loving this adventure we are sharing!

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