Friday, August 29, 2014

Last Weeks Frugal Accomplishments

*52 Week Savings Plan:  Slow progress but... $29.

*Christmas Jar of Change: My new total is $145.07 after adding $1.85 to the former total of $143.22. 

*Favorite Frugal Accomplishments:

-I had points from my grocery shopping that could be used for a discount at the gas pump.  I used these points to fill up the gas tank at a savings of .20 per gallon.

-I am trying to take full advantage of my trash service. I pay the same amount for my trash service whether I put out one barrel or not.  For the past two weeks now I have put to the curb the maximum amount of trash allowed.  This also has the advantage of facilitating a goal of mine.  One of my goals for the year is to go through, purge and organize every nook and cranny of my property.  The desire to fill up those trash bins has me going through cupboards and shelves and baskets and boxes.

-I got some bone-in chicken breasts for $1.59 per pound so for dinner one evening I fried it up in some lard that I got for .50 per pound.  After frying up the chicken I used the oil to fry up leftover baked potatoes to make some french fries.  Found one last bag of vegetables in that freezer of mine and steamed them to accompany the chicken and fries.  Satisfying!

-I made a big batch of potato rolls that have been used for several meals and snacks.  For the mashed potato I used some instant mashed potatoes that had been given to me a while back (free - yay).

-We are in the midst of a heat spell but we did get one nice rain.  I collected rain water and have been using it to water the herbs.

-I discovered a jar of peaches languishing in the refrigerator.  They were a specialty item, peaches infused with vanilla, that I had purchased thinking they would be a special treat for the kiddos who like to eat canned peaches.  The kiddos didn't like the peaches.  They didn't prefer the added vanilla.  So those peaches just sat on a shelf in the fridge most likely doomed to a future as a science experiment.  However, sorting through the fridge with the goal of reducing waste I discovered them and turned them into a most yummy cobbler.  The kiddos had no problem eating that!

-Still pulling stuff out of that freezer (it is amazing the amount of stuff a little freezer can hold - whew) - used the last of the pork to make pulled pork sandwiches (used the rest of the .79 cent buns purchased for hamburgers); used some of the pecans for a crumble on an apple crisp and to make a double batch granola (I figured that while the oven was heated I should go ahead and make up a big batch - did I tell you that I love this granola?);

-I decided that the hamburger buns should be an entry of their own.  I purchased a bag of nice hamburger buns on managers special for .79 almost two weeks ago.  I initially used them to accompany hamburgers and, just this week, used the leftovers with the pulled pork sandwiches.  I go two meals out of one .79 package of buns - Yay!

-I discovered some apples that were less then desirable for just munching on so I salvaged them and made a most delicious apple crisp.

-With short notice I was invited out for a ladies lunch.  I needed to feed the kiddos but didn't think that sandwiches were ideal as they had many a sandwich as of late.  I opted to make them quick pizza crusts using the frugal recipe posted below.  I went "shopping" in my food storage pantry for some pizza sauce and pepperoni, grated a bit of cheese and left them to bake up their own pizzas.

This is the pizza crust that my mama used to make for her young family.
This is an eat with a fork kind of crust.

1 c. flour            1 tsp. oregano         1 tsp. salt
1/8 tsp. pepper      2/3 c. milk           2 eggs
Mix and pour into a greased pizza sheet.  Bake for approximately 9 minutes at 375.  Check on crust as baking and poke down any bubbles with a fork.
Top with your favorite toppings and pop it back in the oven.
Try it!

-I canceled the insurance on the vehicle we sold.  Although this cancellation is fiscally responsible, it will prevent us from paying unnecessarily, it would have been truly frugal weeks ago.  Yep, for weeks now I have paid insurance on a vehicle we don't even own anymore.

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