Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lifestyle of Learning 2015 Edition: Volume Six

February 8-14

The week began with a little more scouts than usual.  We began with Scout Sunday.  The scouts attend the church that holds the charter for their troop as a way of showing the congregation appreciation for their support.  And then, of course, Bishop attended his regular scout meeting where they are still working on their aviation merit badge.
Bishop began studying Revelations with his youth group and began reading Number the Stars by Lois Lowrey to prepare for her upcoming visit to our area. (I am sooooo excited)!
Bishop is working on perfecting columns in pottery.  His pottery instructor has rented a booth at the upcoming homeschool convention and would like Bishop to work on the wheel at the convention.
I think he can do it!

We studied Mali, Ghana and Songhay empires of Africa in history so we played some games of African origin and took a closer look at some items from African.  We played Derrah and Queah.  We also made Mancala boards and played rounds of Mancala.

Our nature study group turned its attention to rainforests.
They located rainforests on maps
and learned the difference between temperate and tropical rainforests.
And they explored products, in particular foods, of the tropical rainforest.

Maceo continued his vocal lessons and all of his theatre endeavors.  Members of the cast were invited to participate in a Q & A at a kids acting workshop and Maceo participated.
He also pursued a new endeavor.  He auditioned for a regional theatre - Tent Theatre.
For the first time he had to submit a professional resume and headshot.
He did his vocal audition on Friday then the following morning he had a dance audition.
It was all very exciting!

We ended the week sharing love with each other as we celebrated Valentine's Day!

It was a week well lived!

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