Saturday, February 28, 2015

Steps Toward Financial Fitness (Last Weeks Frugal Accomplishments) Volume Six

The temperatures have been terribly frigid as of late and I have been working awfully hard to heat our drafty home.  I am certain that I will have quite a large utility bill arriving in the near future.  In anticipation of that bill I am seeking ways to offset that expense.

One thing I intend to do is avoid the grocery store and its related expenses.  I have a freezer, fridge and two pantries full of food.
Menus for the next week or two could easily include meatball sandwiches, salsa and guacamole with southwestern chicken, roast chicken with stuffing, homemade broth and soup, more pumpkin bread, more blueberry coffee cake, chocolate cookies with sprinkles, whole bean burritos, quiche and hash browns, more cupcakes, and iced tea.

We still have many performances of My Son Pinocchio to see, otherwise I intend to stay home (the frigid temperatures actually help with this goal) and utilize what I have to occupy myself.  I could plant seeds to give them the start that they need before their outdoor planting.  I could do some bulk cooking.  I could finish up the painting of the stairwell and I could do some purging.  I could create some art - I have a LOT of art supplies.  I could play Colorku or any other of a number of games.  The boys and I could utilize our bacteria science kit or electronics lab and snap circuits.  We could build our motorized k'nex roller coaster or robotic atv.  There is so much we could do.

Last Weeks Frugal Accomplishments(February 22-February 28):
-I saw the show seven times this week and Bishop saw it twice and I paid only $9. (savings of $120).  I did flowers, boutique and ushering each of which allowed me to see the show for free.  I used the complimentary tickets that come with Maceo being in the show and the tickets that I earned by putting up the show posters to have four more viewings of the show.  The other two shows were seen during special school showings and the tickets were only $4.50 each.
-Maceo was interviewed by the newspaper regarding the show.  I was able to pick up two copies of the interview at Panera as people left their newspapers at the restaurant.
-When I ran out of trash bags I went "shopping"in my pantry.  When I purchase a household item I buy multiples and tuck them in my pantry where they are readily available for use.  Not only does this approach encourage me to really take advantage of good prices but it keeps me from having to go to the store frequently.  Which, in turn, reduces the number of impulse purchases that can be made while, simultaneously, puts me in the position to use what I have rather then heading to the store.  I find I am much more likely to use leftovers and dig deep in the pantry and freezer when I am going to the store less frequently.  I cannot even begin to calculate the savings.
-I saved some plastic juice and soda bottles to be used for future biome making.  I also saved a plastic liquid soap dispenser bottle that I intend on using to make a cute little inexpensive gift.
I must admit that I struggle a bit as to what to save and what to let go at this point.  It seems like a paradox - some of the things that I can do to save money (ie. recycling materials and stockpiling food and goods) conflict with the need to reduce my belongings for a possible move.  I will just have to find the balance.  At least with the plastic bottles I can just trash them if the projects don't get done prior to a move.
-I purchased twenty pounds of chicken for .59/lb.
-I resumed swagbucks and bing rewards routinely and I resumed taking my vitamins routinely both things that had been slightly derailed during the joyous chaos of having so much family around.
-At the end of a youth group meeting Bishop accepted an offer to take home leftover pizza.  I have trained him well - never turn down an offer to take home free food.
-For the most part we did a good job eating our leftovers.

There were many things that I did well this week.  However, I did eat out too often after the family left.  I attribute that to fatigue and poor planning.  I will keep track of all my eating out expenses during the first week of March to help me get back on track.  I will also make menu plans.  I need to pay the bills and get the taxes started.  I also need to get back on track in regards to the home improvement efforts and I need to begin brainstorming gift giving ideas, particularly since three birthdays and Easter will be coming up within the next six weeks.
I look forward to continued progress.


  1. I love you, Aunt Tammie! You really are the best! 😘

    1. I feel the same way about you...we may be kindred spirits!