Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lifestyle of Learning 2015 Edition: Volume Thirteen

May 10-16

This beautiful week began with Mother's Day.  The boys and I had lunch at Chili's then went to pick out some flowers for one of my flower beds.  The boys were allowed to pick anything they wanted and will help me get the bed in shape and looking pretty.  The plan was to go home and work on the bed but the weather turned nasty and the gardening had to be delayed.  But aren't the flowers beautiful?
I began my day with a phone call from Christian and ended it with a special delivery from Keegan.
Aren't I a blessed mama?

Maceo ended his day by going to Springfield Contemporary Theatre for their Sunday's Songbook where the performer did the entire score of Little Shop of Horrors by himself.  Totally entertaining.  I on the other hand watched Jane Eyre.  Love it why haven't I read it?

Monday began with Bishop and I going to Gailey's, a sweet little downtown diner, then Brick City for student art exhibition.

A friend of mine created these masterpieces.
After returning from the art exhibition we began to work on the yard.  Bishop trimmed a bush for me and helped me dig bushes and such from the flower bed that we are redoing.  Maceo kept me well supplied with iced tea and bagged up all the yard waste.  We are making progress!

Maceo had no rehearsal but Bishop did have scouts.  One of the goals he has for his patrol is to build a cook box for his patrol to use on camping trips so this evening the boys discussed and began designing cook boxes, in addition to completing the menus and duty roster for the upcoming camping trip.  In the near future he plans on having his patrol make models of the cook box designs using foam board.

Tuesday was a full day for Maceo.  First, the touring company met at Panera to recognize an actors birthday before going to an elementary school for their final performance of Flat Stanley.  Maceo played several roles and, man, is he funny.  I was brought to tears because I was laughing so hard.  I have included a lot of pictures in hopes that you might get an idea as to just how funny he is and this show was.

And he was like a superstar to the kids who watched him perform.  He gave high five after high five.  I overheard one girl tell her friend, "I gave him TWO high fives!"

Afterwards, we gathered at one very gracious family's home for a cast party then he rushed off to two hours of youth performance troupe.  The evening, however, was relaxed as Maceo had no rehearsal and pottery was cancelled due to the studio flooding.

Wednesday would typically include vocal instruction for Maceo but it was cancelled due to the instructor having medical concerns.  He did do his mentorship with the elementary school performance troupe.  I have known for quite some time that the parents of the elementary and middle school aged kids that Maceo mentors like him; however, this week I have learned just how respected by these parents he is.  It warms my heart!
It also warms my heart to see my other young man be part of a color guard and conduct his duties in a courteous and reverent fashion.  This time the Rotary Club asked our boy scout troop to present the colors at the luncheon.  I love these opportunities to interface with the community and my chest puffs with pride when I see these young men step up.

Afterwards several scouting families went out to lunch for all-you-can-eat ribs and good company.
I made progress with the flowerbed.  I need to buy two more edge stones but otherwise edging is done.  I need to turn the soil one last time and then we get to plant.  Yay!

Maceo had breakfast with some friends at the aforementioned quaint downtown diner Gailey's.  He then went to a nearby used bookstore and scored a new script to read.  Bishop and I, on the other hand, worked on a scouting display for the homeschool convention.   We also checked out the food truck court and had lunch at London Calling.  Pasty's and Shepherd's Pie - YUM!

That evening Maceo had three hours of rehearsal for "Annie Get Your Gun."

Friday was really super cool.  The homeschool convention began and Bishop and I are both worked at vendors booths.  I worked at a scout related table and Bishop worked at the booth of his pottery instructor.  He demonstrated throwing pottery on the wheel for two days.  It was a great experience for him and others found it very intriguing.
They made this cool poster from a photo that I took of Bishop throwing pottery!!!

Bishop and I had lunch with friends at a diner that has been around since the forties that we had never gone to before.  It was delightful!  Maceo, on the other hand, stayed at home and prepared his own meals.  He also had three hours of rehearsal for "Annie Get your Gun" and then hung out with friends for several days.

Bishop and I went to the convention again.  Bishop again did demonstrations.  He did four hours of demonstrations.  After I was done working my table I did a little shopping.  I got some really cool geology related resources.  I think we will be having some rockhounding fun in the very near future (in fact, two families have already said that they want to join us on our geological adventures).

After the convention Bishop and I went to our favorite Chinese restaurant, Creasian, to try some new dishes.  We were surprised to see that they had changed the menu.  We were disappointed to find that they longer offered dimsum but they do now have hot pot which we will partake in soon.  We did try some new items including a lamb dish and have tried 1/4 of all the dishes on the authentic Chinese menu.

That evening Maceo went to view Spring Awakening at a local community theatre while I attended a homeschool graduation.  Then Maceo went to a friends graduation par-tay!

This has been a full week with unique opportunities.  Bishop put himself in a vulnerable position by doing the pottery demonstrations, particularly after having only three months of lessons.  Also, he learned a bit about marketing a business.  I love that my boys are doing real work that is of value to the community - the business marketing, the color guard for the Rotary Club, the touring company and being a student teacher and mentor.  These are not only experiences that will prepare them for adulthood but are of immediate, intrinsic value.
And how about all that socialization?


  1. Jane Eyre is one of my very favorite books! I week loan it to you sometime. You must read it! I love you, Aunt Tammie!

  2. Loving you, too. And, oh yes, I would love to borrow Jane Eyre. Thank you so much!