Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lifestyle of Learning 2015 Edition: Volume Fourteen

May 17-23

Sunday - We discovered carpenter bees today.  I thought that we had a bumblebee hanging out in the garden but it turns out that we have a pair of carpenter bees nesting in this wooden pole in my flowerbed.  We learned that carpenter bees are good pollinators so we will allow this pair to mate.  We are also aware of the potentially destructive nature of their "carpentry" so we will keep our eyes open for further evidence of carpenter bees.  They are fun to observe!

 I went to usher Tuna Does Vegas - so funny,  While I was ushering Maceo hung out with a friend and Bishop did his own thing at home.  In the evening Maceo and Bishop went to youth group where they had a lengthy discussion regarding homosexuality.  This discussion continued at home until nearly midnight.

Monday- We began the day with a bit of work.  We did some house cleaning and finished planting my flowers.  Bishop and I had a long leisurely lunch with a friend whom had just returned from vacation and it was her birthday.  We had conversations that definitely got me inspired  for things to do this summer, next school year and with scouts.  Maceo had no rehearsal so he was able to attend a piano and vocal recital that his girlfriend was performing in. While at the recital we unexpectedly ran into other friends and had a wonderful evening visiting with them.  Meanwhile, Bishop went to scouts.  He received exciting news about a new extra patrol made up of the elder scouts.  They will be allowed to plan extra activities.  They also played some bonding "games".  Afterwards Bishop had a shake with some friends then we met and went to a very late dinner at Applebee's.  We really enjoyed each others company.  Another late evening.

Tuesday - Maceo had a makeup vocal lesson today. He began working on a Sammy Davis Jr. song.  That's exciting.  Maceo also acquired and listened to a cast recording for Julie Bunny Must Die.  It was really cool, the performers were people Maceo has worked with before.  We found a song he would like to perform.  We did more yard work...looking good.  Bishop attended pottery class.  He is working with 2 and 4 lbs. of clay and is making some really great vessels.

He brought home quite a few pots that had been fired

and a $20 check for working at the conference.

 What a nice bonus!
Maceo went to troupe and Annie Get Your Gun rehearsal.
Bishop and I went to Creasian for dinner - we had seaweed and egg soup, basafish, and toothpick beef.  As usual, everything was amazing!

Bishop and I had a nice lengthy conversation on parenting styles.  He likes mine.  That's affirming.

Wednesday - Today was a pretty chill day.  Maceo went to vocal lessons and troupe mentorship. I signed him up for a slew of mini masterclasses.  It's a pretty cool opportunity.  We cleaned, cleaned, cleaned.  Bishop assembled pressed sandwiches.

This time he added pepperoncinis  along with the sun dried tomatoes and pesto to the salami, pepperoni and provolone.

Thursday - Early this morning we went to the National Cemetery to place flags on the graves of veterans.  It is a tradition for us.

As is having a nice long breakfast at Steak n Shake with our lovely group of friends.
Oh, yes, and the mustaches seem to have become tradition as well.

Afterwards we had a fabulous afternoon with friends making fairy houses.  These will get us free admission to the renaissance festival on Monday.

We had lunch together and, in general, we had a blast!

In the evening, Maceo went to Annie Get Your Gun rehearsal then spent the night with a friend he hadn't hung out with in a while.

Friday - Overall, it was a lazy kind of day.  I picked up Maceo from his friends house and then took him by the store to get some things for his road trip and for his time without Bishop and I that he will have upon his return.  Bishop worked on figuring out how to add songs, podcasts and audio books to his new Ipod.  He also worked on defining what music, podcasts, etc he identifies with.  I was gifted two little chicks!  Thanks!!! We had a great dinner together.  We had great conversation and I love the friendship that is flourishing between Maceo and Bishop.  Maceo left for a road trip to Memphis.

Saturday - Maceo made it to Memphis safely.  I am not sure what all his day entailed but I do know that he had a bit of memphis BBQ.  Bishop and I made further progress on our goal to try everything on the authentic Chinese menu at Creasian.  This time we tried hot pot.

It was a cool experience!
Bishop and I prepared for a little jaunt we are going to take to St. Louis.  We made blueberry coffeecake and deviled eggs to take on the road with us.  Otherwise, we relaxed a bit.  Bishop did seemingly adopt the chicks.  He took them to his room and handled them a bit hoping to get them used to human presence so that we may handle them more easily when they are grown.  As I write this they have finally stopped chirping and have settled in for the evening and I must do the same.
Good night.


  1. Not yet. I am wanting to get to know them better before I name them. I am considering Petula for one of them. It seems like a cute little chicken name to me. I'll let you know when I name them. They are soooo cute!

  2. That is a cute name. The kids and I were disappointed that we weren't able to go with mom to pick them out. Maybe we could come visit then sometime soon.