Saturday, June 6, 2015

Lifestyle of Learning Volume Sixteen

June 1-6

Although several of our routine activities have paused for the summer there are still some that the boys are participating in.  Maceo's vocal lesson was canceled but he still did troupe, Annie Get Your Gun rehearsal and his troupe mentorship.  Bishop did pottery and attended scouts.  Scouts was a little different this time; rather than having a regular meeting they had a patrol leaders conference and set the schedule for the next several months.  Maceo also had a troupe performance this week.
Most of our week has been spent just breathing, thinking and talking, and socializing.
Several nights this week Maceo hung out with friends after rehearsal.  Him and I attended a friends dance production then they went to the dance studios after party.  He also attended another graduation party.  Bishop hung out with friends after scouts.  Yes, they played in the Burger King play place, there were no children present, and they discussed things that they might like to do with the elder patrol in scouts - visit the American Ninja Warrior training gym, go zip lining, white water rafting and scuba diving, hike the Appalachian trail, attend Northern Tier or Sea Base.  This is going to be fun!  Bishop also spent the night at a friends house.  this friend lives in the country with a river running through his "backyard".  Bishop spent an entire day swimming and kayaking in that river.
Bishop and I continued our culinary adventures.  Bishop tried Thai food for the first time.  He had Pad Thai at a food truck that parks across from the studio that Bishop does pottery at.

And Bishop and I continue to make our way through the menu at Creasian.
I LOVE hanging out with this guy!
We had a pork belly dish, two ox tripe dishes (one hot and one cold) and a shrimp dish.

The one atypical thing that we did this week was to prepare Bishop for church camp.  He will be leaving on Sunday.  Going to Creasian and having pork belly for the second time is what he wanted prior to leaving for a week.  Done.
Our time dining together also allowed us to talk about what he would like to do this year.  He would like to begin to study some foreign languages - French, Japanese, and Swedish.  He would also like to learn to play the piano.  I ordered him a cajon.  It came in on Thursday.  He immediately began to create rhythms.  It was cool and I think he will enjoy it this next year as well.  Bishop most definitely wants to continue with his culinary education, history group, nature study group and service projects.  Bishop and I talked about more than subject matter to pursue this year, we talked about music that he enjoys and he introduced me to a really cool logic game.  We definitely challenged each other with those puzzles.
Maceo and I also had conversations about what he might like to pursue this year.  He requested a slew of books on singing technique and vocal pedagogy.  I ordered one of the books that he requested.  He began reading it immediately.
I love this picture.  I know it's not great but it is the best that I could do given the fact that I was driving and trying to take the photo discreetly.  At the moment I snapped the photo I was driving Maceo to rehearsal.  He was alternating reading his new vocal pedagogy book and an article on his phone while listening to musical theatre songs through his headphones.  I love this guy.
Maceo has also opted to take piano lessons and would like to learn Italian.
He researched schools that he might apply for after graduating from high school and also researched some vocal performance summer programs.  he would like to attend an opera camp in Italy when he is 18.
My guys have vision and I love it!

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