Sunday, September 27, 2015

Last Weeks Frugal Accomplishments as I Strive for Financial Fitness

September 13-26

Just some simple successes that contribute to my goal of financial fitness:

-I went by Aldi to buy groceries for Bishop's scout camping trip.  While there I noted that they had strawberry-rhubarb yogurt for ten cents per container.  I have no idea if we will like this yogurt or not but I figured it was worth a shot at that price.  I also figured that I could use it in baking if we didn't want to eat it alone.  I purchase two packages.
I also found that they had cans of crushed tomatoes with basil discounted to seventy-nine cents each so I purchased a case.

-I have seen our theatre's production of Grease four times in the last two weeks and all for free (which has an approximate value of $120).  I ushered twice, worked boutique once and did flowers once as well.  One day I volunteered to help the guild with concessions during intermission and was gifted with a bottle of water and a cupcake.  Unexpected and delightful!

-Herb and I added free apps to our phones that allow us to text and call internationally at no charge.

-Bishop and I attended two more free events with the Audubon Society.  We went on a warbler walk.  We also attended their monthly meeting where they had lots of yummy food and a very entertaining speaker.  Not knowing that they would have food, I had fed Bishop dinner before going but I was able to graze enough to qualify as dinner.

-History group has restarted and, in fact, we have started a science group to be held on the same day at the same place.  The first week we went out for lunch at a Chinese buffet between groups.  The second week we decided to pack lunches and head to the park.  It was perfect.  The kids expended a lot of energy, we soaked up some sun, and we saved some money.  We have decided to picnic just as long as the weather allows.  (I really want to start planning ahead for this so that we are not scrounging each and every week as we did this last time).

-I used a toothpick and other implements to dig chapstick out of the bottom of the container until there was absolutely no chapstick left.

-Fed the hens all leftovers and scraps that were not going to be utilized by humans.

-After a busy day of performances I ordered pizza from Pizza Hut for some of the performers.  I took the survey offered on the receipt and received a $10 coupon.

Christmas Jar O' Change:  The previous balance was $140.57.  I added $15.82 for a new balance of $156.39.

Home Emergency Fund:  This meager fund was wiped out when I gave Maceo the money for a quick lunch while Bishop and I were out.  (I really need to plan better).  The balance is $0.

52-Week Savings Plan:  I did not manage to deposit money in this account for the last two weeks of September so the balance remains $984.

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