Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lifestyle of Learning 2015 Edition: Volume Twenty-Three

September 20 - 26

Maceo's theatre commitments are really picking up.  He logged 2 1/2 hours of acting instruction through a pre-professional training program and another 1 1/2 hours of an improvisational acting class.  The touring company has resumed rehearsal and logged 5 3/4 hours of rehearsal time.
He also performed Grease five times this week which was about a 17 1/2 hour commitment.  And, finally, he had youth performance troupe (an additional 2 hours) which involved participating in the filming of a public service announcement.  It was a remarkable experience.  So very cool.  Maceo logged 29 1/4 hours in theatre commitments and another hour in vocal instruction.

Bishop attended a scout meeting, had a pottery lesson, made stuffed sopaipillas and the best burrito filling ever.

Bishop continued science group.  We took a look at DNA at a basic level, primarily looking at the chemical ingredients that comprise DNA.  We made an edible model and we are looking forward to covering it in more depth in the future.  We also began getting familiar with the microscope by looking at prepared slides cells and tissue.
After a picnic at the park we did history group.  Bishop gave a presentation on Hideyoshi.
We also had a guest who shared information about her time in Japan

and we enjoyed some tea together.

I failed to mention this last time but Bishop and I attended an Audubon Society meeting where we heard an entertaining presentation on evolution given by an evolutionary ecologist.
This week Bishop went on a campout with his scout troop.  I am so proud of him as he planned the trip, making all the pertinent calls, etc.  He helped a fellow scout complete cooking requirements, went fishing (caught a striped bass with his hands), and went kayaking.

What a beautiful week!

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