Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy 15th Birthday!!!

I really want to write something beautiful and eloquent that expresses clearly how I feel about this boy of mine, the passage of time, and the man that he has become.  I wish that I could really express all that is in this mama's heart but my words have failed me, they fall short.  I can say that Bishop, the last of my four children to enter my life and the one that arrived when I was certain I was done having children, has brought balance and an extraordinary amount of joy to our family.
At this point in the life of our family, with only the two younger children still at home and my husband living in another state and as Maceo spends much of his waking time at the theatre, I spend more waking hours with Bishop then with any other family member and every moment we explore the world together is delightful and challenging and exciting.
So on this day we celebrated this guy and recognized all that he is and all that he offers this family and this world.

Happy 15th Birthday and I Love You, Bishop!!!

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