Saturday, January 23, 2016

Menu Planning My Way to Financial Fitness

If I am going to keep groceries down to $25 a week then I need to have some idea as to what I have and what I can serve.  Presently, I am brainstorming ideas based on what I know is in the fridge and the pantries that would be suitable to serve over the upcoming week.

pancakes, ham, and fresh oranges
breakfast burritos
eggs and toast
muffins and eggs
bagels with cream cheese (Sunday)
huevos rancheros  (Monday)

pizza  (Monday)
nacho bar and bean dip  (Sunday)
turkey salad sandwiches, applesauce
barbecue beef sandwiches, pineapple
meat, cheese, and crackers and apples with caramel dip
ham and swiss sliders

turkey, stuffing, cranberries  (Monday)
ham, macaroni and cheese casserole  (Tuesday)
pinto beans, potatoes, cornbread
turkey noodle soup
turkey enchiladas  (Wednesday)
bean burritos

Snacks and Sweet Treats:
football cake  (Sunday)
root beer floats
s'mores (if we light the fire!)

water (of course)
iced tea
root beer  (Sunday)
hot chocolate

This should help me stay on track.
Let the frugal fun begin!!!

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