Saturday, April 16, 2016

Lifestyle of Learning 2016 Edition: Volume Six

March 20-April 16
There is always so much going on and, although things are a bit slower with Maceo not presently being a show, this past month has been no exception.
I have focused considerably on sorting, purging and organizing the stuff in my house.  In the process of doing this little gems have been uncovered.
I pulled out a pile of shirts from shows that Maceo has performed in over the years.  He couldn't resist trying on the shirt from his very first production - Honk Jr.  He performed in that show eight years ago and can still rock the shirt (sort of).
Bishop assembled an ensemble consisting of a stocking cap he loved as a little youngster and his dad's high school letterman's jacket.  Lookin' good!
I still have a lot of work ahead of me but the trip down memory lane has been fun!

We tried a new church.  We celebrated Easter.  They went to youth group just a bit.
We watched the NCAA men's basketball tournament.  Maceo's team made it to the championship but lost (shucks).  Immediately Maceo began watching MLB and started a countdown to NFL kickoff.

Maceo continued his personal pursuits, including that new found interest in baseball.
Bishop also continued to work on personal endeavors - drawing, music, and debating.
Bishop is working on concept art for Christian's novel.
Bishop and I visited an art gallery.  They had an outdoor exhibit that included wood sculptures, stencil art, and murals.  The murals were inspired by the work of visiting artist, Axel Void.
Mural by Axel Void.

Bishop's with his favorite stencil art.

Brick City - the site of the Axel Void exhibit.
There were two exhibits in the gallery.  One was Axel Void's skull study exhibit.

The other exhibit was Documerica, a photography project from the 70's.

As a bonus, we got to see an exhibit of art produced by students from local elementary, middle, and high schools.  Inspiring!

This was created by an 8th grader - so cool.  

And, of course, Bishop continued with his own art.  He has logged hours of drawing and hours upon hours of pottery.  We are exploring options for him to participate in some high school juried exhibits.

His own personal design.

Faceted lidded pots.
Bishop did some cooking.  I really need to get him in the kitchen more often though.

Buffalo chicken grilled sandwich.

Maceo performed at YouthFest.  He sang a duet.  I should have recorded it so that I could share it with you but I was too busy enjoying the music and crying.  It was beautiful.  He is know preparing for an upcoming Broadway Backwards production.
He also continued with vocal lessons, youth performance troupe, pre-professional acting class and improv.
The latest improv class. 
Maceo also saw multiple productions that were being performed around the community - Hair, Mr. Burns, and Insane with Power.  Both boys and I went to a poetry reading.

Bishop continued with scouts - meetings, working on merit badges, and pondering his Eagle Scout project.  Also, he helped a friend and fellow scout with his Eagle Scout project.  He logged a total of six and a half service hours helping stain and install cubbies at a Boys and Girls Club location.

(I know these photos seem redundant but they are all different, the progression cracks me up)!

Bishop also continued science group.  We completed our studies of the nervous system.  We studied the anatomy of the brain, the brain stem, and the senses and we played a body trivia game as a review.  I wish I had pictures of all that we did.  It was really quite cool but, alas, I do not.

Cooper aka Phineas Gage!
In history group we studied the American Revolution and are now looking at our founding documents and are studying American government, in general.  We took a look at the Articles of Confederation, its strengths and weaknesses, the Constitutional Convention and now are studying the Constitution article by article.
A state representative visited our small group and shared with us the process of passing bills in our state.

We also spent time examining the scripture for some traits of a good leader and we have all been challenged to keep these traits in mind as we watch the presidential race unfold.

Bishop and I attended an event called  Sugar Rush.  We paid an entrance fee that, in turn, went to charity and then were treated to all sorts of sweet goodies.

Not only were the treats yummy but they provided some inspiration for our own baking.  But more importantly it assured us that some of our specialties could compete with what the professionals are offering up.  We are thinking that we might participate in this event next year.

As always, we have spent hour upon hour upon hour in discussion.

And, of course, the learning isn't merely restricted to Maceo and Bishop.  Christian continues his studies in South Korea and Keegan continues her adventure in L.A.  She opened a new show and set up a website.  And I have been exploring wild edibles and what to do with them.  I have had an amazing crop of violets.  In the past I have made violet jelly with them which I did again this year.  However, this year I have also candied some of them, pressed some of them to dry so that I can make these lollipops in the future, and started some violet white wine vinegar and violet balsamic vinegar.  I also made dandelion jelly and red bud blossom jelly.

Wow, there is always so much to learn!!!

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