Sunday, April 24, 2016

Lifestyle of Learning 2016 Edition: Volume Seven

April 17-23

I, over the last couple of days, have spent time reading the posts on this blog that bear the label "Lifestyle of Learning" and it has been an enjoyable endeavor.  It has validated for me the importance of documenting our adventures and it has assured me that the boys are learning so much and growing up to be such fine young men.  It's affirming!  So I continue...

I forgot to note last week that Maceo and I have begun the process of working our way through the book "Art of Writing".  We have read and discussed chapter one and have begun the writing exercises.  Next week we will share our writing and go over chapter two.  Throughout the entirety of the week Maceo, Bishop and I have had hours upon hours of conversation.  I really need to try documenting some of these, oftentimes intense, conversations.

Biahop served at the food pantry this week.
Also, Bishop spent time researching different pottery techniques.  This research was reflected in his latest creations, these faceted pots
Bishop also continued with scouts.  He began a special merit badge class to help him earn his personal fitness merit badge.  He has been logging his fitness activities for some time but this class will help him finish the more didactic portions of the badge.  He researched different types of workouts that are readily adaptable to doing in small quarters.  He requested the medicine ball and the elastic bands to explore a couple of options.
He was grubmaster for this weekends campout.  He did some prep work at home prior to the campout.  Their menu included breakfast burritos, meatball sandwiches and stuffed baked potatoes.
Bishop really enjoyed the hike and it does look as though it was a beautiful day for it!
Bishop attended science and history group.  We studied the integumentary system and did some fingerprinting exercises.  In history we continue to take a look at the Constitution, in particular Article 1.  We viewed a relevant portion of the Constitutional Literacy DVD.  In between the groups we dined at Creasian.  Bishop and I made more progress towards the achievement of our goal to eat through their authentic Chinese menu.  We tried the chickens feet and the eggplant dish.  The eggplant was amazing, the chicken's feet less so.  We are very close to fulfilling our goal.

Maceo didn't have vocal lessons but he did continue with his pre-professional training acting class and youth performance troupe.  He also had a rehearsal for and performed in a special production, "Broadway Backwards."  Maceo sang "People" and performed in a reverse version of Grease Lightenin' - the girls sang the song and the boys wore "booty" shorts and danced around with checkered flags.  I do have film footage of it but can't get it to upload.  Shucks because it is soooo entertaining!!!

Maceo watched a production of Junie B. Jones The Musical.  He spent a considerable amount of time learning baseball statistics and he and I spent about an hour on an impromptu grammar "lesson,"  we discussed many rules and exceptions to the rules and he edited some writing.

Maceo spent part of the week preparing for the prom - picking out his tux, ordering flowers and getting a haircut.
He ended his week by attending prom with his lovely girlfriend.

It's a good life!!!

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