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Lifestyle of Learning 2016 Edition: Volume Twenty

August 7 - September 17

A post nearly six weeks in the making... here it goes...
Oh, and it is remarkably photo heavy, you have been cautioned.

Maceo has been particularly busy.  He continued with Peter Pan rehearsals and his performance troupes began.  He had a week-long youth performance troupe camp; 35 hours in total were logged.   The following week he had 10 hours of Teen Players camp (his acting troupe).  Regularly scheduled troupe rehearsals began after the camps were completed.  And still, somehow, he managed to participate in a friend's concert.  He was invited to be the Aaron Burr for their Schuyler Sisters.  It was fantastic!  Afterwards, he stayed and watched the first act.  He had to leave during intermission for Peter Pan rehearsal but I was fortunate enough to be able to remain and watch the show in its entirety.
Scouts resumed for Bishop.  He has had regular scout meetings and he is still the leader for his patrol.  He went on the annual float trip and had the opportunity to participate in a fellow scouts Eagle Scout project.

Meanwhile, Maceo's Youth Performance Troupe made their first public performance of the season.

Among other things, they perform an In the Heights medley.  Maceo does Usnavi's rap.  It was the first time that I had seen him perform this type of role and I LOVED it.  He never fails to amaze and impress me!

Here is just a little taste of Maceo's performance.  Enjoy!

This first troupe performance was for a special children's event at the zoo so after the performance we enjoyed the offerings of the zoo.
I got to watch this pea hen fight another pea hen.  It was fascinating.
Maceo hung out with the giraffes.
Isn't their pattern amazing?
More pea hens with their young broods.

Isn't this guy creepy and fascinating simultaneously?

Bishop's pottery lessons have also resumed.

Our library had a special Alexander Hamilton exhibit accompanied by special programs.  We made it to the exhibit and, although we didn't make it to the other special programs Maceo did participate in a sense.  One of the special programs involved a panel of historians and theatre educators who discussed Lin Manuel Miranda's musical Hamilton.  One of those theatre educators asked Maceo to be part of the panel.  He was unable to due to Peter Pan rehearsals but he did write his opinion and thoughts and that educator used it during the panel discussion.  Cool, right?

Bishop had the really cool opportunity to be a beta tester for a new escape room, Puzzlers.  There was a historically-based puzzle that they had to figure out.  They really had to use their noggins and Bishop loved it.

Bishop then had an opportunity to work on yet another fellow scouts Eagle Scout project

Maceo serendipitously discovered a new bbq place.  I guess I should say that it is new to us as it is actually quite old.  Here is a synopsis  of the history of our new bbq joint, Pappy's Place:
Pappy’s is one of those places where you either know exactly where it is or you have never even heard of it.  It has a storied history in Springfield serving as a grocery store in the 1920’s then as a cafe for the the old St. John’s building that sits next to it later on.  Pappy’s is the oldest business to have a beer by the drink license stemming from the 1930’s just after prohibition.  It officially became the Pappy’s as we know it today in 1971 and has been serving SGF ever since.

We treated a dear theatre friend.

(I mean, which picture was I supposed to choose?!?)
The bbq was superb!
The photo below proved to be the beginning of a grand new adventure for Bishop.
I posted this photo of some of his raku on an unschool facebook page and a viewer invited him to submit some photos of his pottery for possible publication in a magazine.
So, we learned how to take some decent photos of his pottery...

...and we took a headshot and wrote an artist's biography...
...and submitted it all.  His submission was accepted and he will be featured in the magazine.  I will share that with you when it come in.  Pretty darn exciting, huh?!?

Both Maceo's Youth Performance Troupe and the cast of Peter Pan made a public performance at a local annual awards ceremony for art community.  Two of the important figures at our community theatre were honored at the ceremony, including Maceo's primary troupe instructor.
These are photos of the rehearsal and mic check.

Of course, there has been nature watching.  Here is a gorgeous Yellow Swallowtail!
Bishop opted not to participate in history group this year but he has decide to continue with science group.  This year we are studying astronomy.
Here is our first day of school photo.
Oh my, it looks like another year is before us :)
The kiddos made a model of the solar system to scale.
That big exercise ball would be the sun then we went from there.
Of course there was math to be done.  Bishop had no problem with this task.  He didn't even need a calculator.  What a guy!

We then took the model outside and got an idea about how far apart they are from each other.  Even with this exercise it is so difficult to really understand just how far apart they actually are, just how astronomically large space is.

And Bishop had yet another opportunity to help a fellow scout with his Eagle Scout project.  Yup, that would be three projects in six weeks.
This project was unique in that it involved constructing a sensory trail for a therapeutic horse riding facility.

And, yet again, Maceo's Youth Performance Troupe made some public performances.  They performed for the theatre guild...

...and at Cider Days.
This was the first time that the Teen Players acting troupe made a public appearance.  They did a couple of improv games.  I am amazed by improv, I guess because it is something that would be very difficult for me to do.

After watching the performances, which are always entertaining, we walked around and looked at the potters exhibits.  This is always inspiring for Bishop.

Additionally. Maceo took a masterclass on cold reading and Bishop did some cooking, including experimenting with pork belly and grilling some delightful goodies for my birthday.  We began a course in Constitutional Literacy.  We are using a dvd program.  We watch the video segment and have group discussion.  Bishop and I have continued watching shows on Viceland and we all have tons of conversation about political and sociological concerns.  Bishop worked on his personal fitness merit badge and went swimming.  Maceo began vocal lessons with a new vocal instructor and the production of Peter Pan opened.  They both hung out with friends consistently and we had our fantasy football draft.  And, of course, the NFL season began (YASSS!!!).
Busy and wonderful!!!

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