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Lifestyle of Learning 2016 Edition: Volume Twenty-One

September 18 - October 1

Well, we take up where we left Cider Days.
Whereas it was troupe performing before this time the cast of Peter Pan gave a promotional performance before heading to the theatre for a matinee performance of the production.
Even without the set, the costumes and the choreography this performance was so much fun to watch.  Maceo was one of Hook's pirates and, let me tell you, those pirates were FUNNY!!!

Doesn't it look like they were having a good time?

Bishop attended science group where they continued with their introduction of the solar system, including drawing their own depictions, their personal understanding, of our solar system.

Dad was home this week so he and Bishop spent some time cooking.  They experimented with pork belly and ribs.  I wish I had photos of these delights but, alas, I do not.
Bishop was also very busy packing and preparing for a humongous adventure - a trip to South Korea via Los Angeles.  He was scheduled to fly out of Kansas City on Friday.  We went up the day before to get in some touristy stuff.
We visited the World War I museum.
It was fantastic.  I highly recommend it.
The building itself is impressive.

The exhibits are vibrant and informational...

The long grave - a trench.

Trench art - cool!

...and interactive.

I am sitting in a sound booth listening to period music and a reading of In Flanders Fields while watching Bishop utilize the interactive table.

Bishop's propaganda collage poster.

There is a glass bridge that leads to the exhibit entrance.  That bridge is suspended over a "symbolic Western Front poppy field.  Nine thousand poppies, each representing 1000 deaths, offer a poignant reminder of the nine million who perished as a direct result of the war."  It was very powerful.  It also allowed me to introduce Bishop to the poem In Flanders Fields by McCrae.

For dinner Bishop and I waited about an hour for our chance to eat Q39, a restaurant that we saw featured on a food network show.  It was definitely worth the wait.  Bishop had a platter with a variety of meats accompanied by an apple cole slaw, potato salad and cornbread.  I had a brisket burger that came with a spicy pickle slaw.  It was very well executed traditional barbecue with interesting twists in the form of slaw.  Notes were taken.

The following day Bishop took his first solo flight.  He flew to Los Angeles to hang out with Keegan for a couple of days before their trip to Korea.
On his first evening in L.A. Keegan took him to a food truck event.  They had sandwiches from a grilled cheese truck.  They had their signature grilled cheese with mac and cheese and bbq pork.  They also had fried ice cream and homemade lemonade.
The following day Bishop was treated to ramen at Orochon Ramen, another food network featured restaurant.  Does it look amazing?  The food and the kiddos both, right?

Keegan also treated Bishop to Baskin Robbins.  We don't have a Baskin Robbins here at home so we try to seek one out when we hit the road.  I wonder what kind of ice cream he got?
Together they watched a ton of episodes of Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen which then inspired them to try to create something yummy with what could be found in Keegan's fridge.  They made a creamy cheesy pasta dish.
While on their food network marathon Keegan braided Bishop's hair.  It was the first time that he had his hair braided.  I love this photo.  It looks like one fun slumber party!
They also watched the debate, did a little shopping and watched Bishop's football team beat Keegan's boyfriend's team.  Then they packed and took flight to Korea and the adventure of a lifetime!

They had a five hour layover in China where they enjoyed a meal and a frappuccino (yup, that's a frappuccino not a shake).
Then that evening in Seoul they took a walk around Christian's campus and the surrounding area...
...and dinner in Seoul, including free dumplings!
The following day they went to some of the palaces and hung out with this guard at Gyeongbokgung Palace.
And they had rose gelato at Myeongdong.
The following day they went to a cat cafe.  In Seoul the apartments are rather small and are usually shared with others so most do not own pets.  Instead there are dog and cat cafes where you can buy a drink and interact with the animals.  Fun!

Meanwhile, Maceo was highly occupied with Peter Pan performances, pre-professional training acting, private vocal instruction, pre-professional training music theory and vocal production,  teen players and troupe, including four extra hours of troupe rehearsal.  Those extra hours of rehearsal were in preparation for an event to benefit the Alzheimers Foundation.
This is not a great picture but there was a dance party for all the kids afterwards.
What a great couple of weeks!

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