Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sweet Treats

Ahhh...these sweet treats were so yummy, rich and decadent. Sweet treats a.k.a. Cake Bonbons, Cake Truffles, Cake Balls, and, when a stick is inserted into them, Cake Pops.
After losing a silent auction at our church and, thus, losing the opportunity to give the much acclaimed cake truffles a try, Bishop was determined to learn how to make them.
We decided to make them for flag day and to celebrate the birthday of the U.S. Army.
Bishop will show you how he made them.

After baking a cake in a 9x13 cake pan and allowing it to cool completely, Bishop crumbled the cake into a large bowl. He found that the cake crumbled most readily if he rubbed his hands together with a bit of cake between them.

After thoroughly stirring in 3/4 of a can of cream cheese frosting, he formed the mixture into balls and placed them in the refrigerator until they became firm.

Meanwhile, he did a bit of cleaning up.

He then melted chocolate...

and dipped each cake ball until well coated.

After letting the chocolate harden, Bishop decorated them and devoured them.
Well...I must admit he had some help devouring them.

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