Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Welcome to our house and
welcome to our Halloween celebration!

I have such fond memories of school holiday parties; it was exciting to get to do something other than the routine. For Halloween, I remember the costume parade and the fun food.
When Christian and Keegan were in elementary school I typically volunteered to help with the Halloween party and I would try to come up with some clever little treat to bring. I hope they have fond memories of those parties. In hopes that Maceo and Bishop will have similar fond memories I like to have a little party at home.

In the past we have bobbed for apples and I have made ghoulish foods and glowing punch.
I didn't plan so well this year so I settled for something simple - Papa Murphy's Jack-o-Lantern pizza and Krispy Kreme Halloween donuts.

Fun food, lively conversation, and laughter
-it seems to have been enjoyed by all!

Inspired by the jack-o-lantern pizza,
Bishop decided to make his jack-o-lantern into a
Papa Murphy's Jack-o-Lantern pizza,
complete with baking instructions.

Don't you see the pepperoni eyes, nose, and mouth?
Too cute!

The porch decorations are complete

and ready for trick-or-treaters.

Maceo opted to stay home and treat any trick-or-treaters that might come to our house.

Viking Bishop, on the other hand, anticipated raiding the neighbors candy bowls!

And, as if we needed more junk food, I treated all the boys to post-trick-or-treating 50cent corn dogs at Sonic. As for me and my family, we had a fun Halloween!
I hope that yours was fun as well!

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