Friday, October 28, 2011

Look at What I Found!!!

I love cookbooks - especially old cookbooks!
Yesterday, while roaming a flea market, I stumbled upon a gem of a cookbook!
Although I had never heard of this cookbook and it was in slight disrepair, I could not resist buying it. Briefly flipping through it left me with the impression that there might be some really useful recipes within its covers and the price was right - $3.
It was only $3!!!
The page with the copyright date is missing so I did a little research on this book and found that The American Woman's Cookbook edited by Ruth Berolzheimer was originally published in 1938 and then each subsequent year through 1946. Books published during WWII included a special "Wartime Cookery" section; my book does not have that section so it must be one of the earlier editions. It will be very useful as I am learning to be a more frugal and resourceful homemaker.
It has multiple recipes that utilize sour milk, such as sour milk cottage cheese.
It has recipes using evaporated milk, including a tutorial on how to make it into whipped cream.
It has a plethora of recipes utilizing leftover mashed potatoes and rice and dried bread, including a recipe for scalloped peaches that involves a topping of bread or cake crumbs.
It also gives instructions on how to fry a rabbit, roast a squirrel and opossum, and prepare frog legs and turtle.
I am so excited about trying some recipes from this cookbook!
I'll let you know how it goes!

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