Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yet Another Reason to Love Where I Live

Our family has lived in many places and we have always found many things to explore; each location has come with its own unique historical and natural environment to explore. Where we live now is no exception. I love the area in which we live and the many opportunities available to us. Recently, Bishop and I discovered a beautiful and historical state park - the Nathan Boone Homestead State Park. Nathan Boone was the son of Daniel Boone. He was a trapper and a U.S. Dragoon, among other things. His home is situated among the beautiful rolling hills of the Ozarks.
On this particular day Bishop and I came to the state park for its annual homestead days. It was such a cool experience. We came expecting to stay for about two hours but we nearly closed the event down after staying for five.

There was so much to see that revealed to us what life would have been like during the mid-1800's.

And there was so much to do that further revealed what that life might have been like.
There were games to play...
including this search for dollar coins hidden within bales of straw.
It is so much harder than it sounds; Bishop was thrilled to find a coin.
There was a gun demonstration which Bishop, my student of weapons, thoroughly enjoyed.

He also had the opportunity to observe a gentleman making bows...
...and another gentleman blacksmithing.

Bishop purchased flint and steel from this gentleman, another taught him how to use it and how to make char-cloth, yet another gave him river cane and bone with instructions on how to make a bone knife and containers out of cane. Everyone was so generous with their knowledge. It was inspirational; so much so that Bishop is inspired to participate in Civil War-era reenactments. Maybe we will be adding something new to our lifestyle of learning and our grand adventure!

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