Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just Bishop and I

Today Bishop and I headed out on an adventure together.
Just the two of us.
 Bishop greatly enjoys learning about animals and loves being outdoors,
so the zoo was a natural choice for our adventure.
We set out determined to find each of the endangered species listed in our zoo magazine (i.e. the maned wolf and the peregrine falcon, among others)
but we ended up really enjoying the peacocks.

They allowed us to get very close and...

Bishop found a peahens nest.
We suspect that this nest is abandoned.
Peahens typically lay more eggs than this and another egg had been pushed outside the nest.
However, peahens sometimes make a decoy nest so this could be a decoy.
No matter what, it was cool to see.
We even found a bit of peacock egg shell.
We also found this beauty - a white peacock.
Bishop and I had a great conversation about whether this peacock was an albino or not.
Initially, I didn't believe that it was an albino because he had dark colored eyes rather than pale colored eyes.  Bishop posited that there would be no other logical explanation for snow white plumage on a peacock given the fact that the plumage's sole purpose is to attract a mate.  So, we searched the internet for the answer.  We found a biology site (I don't know what one it was) that stated that white peacocks are, in fact, albinos - just as Bishop surmised.  (Smart kiddo.)
I also greatly enjoyed the hippo - what a fabulously ridiculous creature.
Typically when we visit the zoo the hippo is submerged and we would have to wait quite a while for him to surface if we want to take a peek at him.  But today he was resting on dry land and we got to see him in all his glory - his ridiculously small ears and eyes given the size of his body, that little tusk poking out of his mouth, and those stubby legs.  He is truly amazing because, despite looking so awkward he is capable of being quite fierce. 
The black bears also put on quite a show for us.  This one needed a refreshing drink after coming out of the tree that he and his pal were in.  Both bears were in a tree play-fighting with each other.  Very entertaining.
Bishop and I had a great time together.  It is so nice to get to spend one-on-one time with him.
I pledge to make this happen more often!

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