Sunday, February 10, 2013

Celebrations Converge

The dining room is the epicenter of our home.  This is not only where we dine together as a family but it is also where we catch up on each others lives and where we discuss and debate football and politics and whatever else we might find compelling.  It is around this table that we usually find ourselves studying the Bible, adding to our timelines and doing other schoolwork, and playing games together.  And this is also where we find ourselves recognizing the liturgical calendar and celebrating other holidays together.  I look around my dining room today and see the evidence of all that takes place here.  I particularly see the evidence of the holidays celebrated and the ones yet to be celebrated.  It is as if many holidays and their celebrations have converged.
There is still evidence of Christmas lingering in the dining room.
And evidence of a Candlemas just recognized.
Signs of a Lunar New Year about to be recognized.

Evidence of a Valentine's Day about to be celebrated is present.
And the decorations for Shrove Tuesday are waiting on the sidelines for their debut.
Oh yes, our dining room is full, maybe even a little chaotic, at the moment but it is a room full of joy and togetherness and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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