Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Magic of an Icy World

Thursday arrived accompanied by an ice storm.  Off and on through a good portion of the day sheets of ice rained from the sky dressing the world in layer after layer of glistening ice.  Blessedly, it was not enough ice to take down our power lines or fell any of our fragile trees but it was enough to compel us to hibernate on Thursday and to move slowly, cautiously, yesterday.  But yesterday Bishop and I did venture forth and explore the icy world just a bit.

We found that the natural world looked and felt particularly interesting dressed in its icy finery.
And man made items had a special appeal when coated with ice as well.

And, of course, the ice had to be explored in a variety of ways - touching, sliding, and breaking.
I have no pictures of this but of particular interest to Bishop was the removal of ice from the Jeep.  It is a soft-top and removing ice from the canvas simply requires hitting it - hit the canvas and the ice shatters.  Bishop was eager to have the responsibility of clearing the ice from the jeep.  He really loved removing it from the roof - if you hit the roof of the jeep from the interior it breaks up the ice on the outside and sends it flying.  It is really quite a sight to behold.
Today I went for a little walk.  The world was really quite silent until I happened upon this magnolia.  As I was passing this tree I could consistently hear bits of ice tinkling as they made their way through the leaves and branches of the tree.  At first glance the tree didn't appear as if it had much ice on it but if you look closely,
I mean, really look closely,
you will see the tiniest icicles dangling off of nearly every leaf.
As the morning sun was warming this tree the icicles were falling off, tinkling through the branches, and laying like shimmery confetti on the ground beneath.
It was truly magical.
An icy world can be truly magical.

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