Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lifestyle of Learning 2014 Edition: Volume Five

The last lifestyle of learning entry left off with Bishop at a scout camp out.  While on that camping trip Bishop cooked for his patrol - fajitas and breakfast burritos with chorizo.  Completing this task will now allow him to rank up after he completes his scoutmaster review and board of review.  Also, the troop built a dock for the camp grounds while there.  They were very excited about this opportunity and their contribution will be recognized on a plaque that will be attached to the dock.  It proved to be a great weekend for Bishop.
Also scout-related, Bishop volunteered to help at the Cub Scouts pinewood derby.  It was a great opportunity to set a positive example for the younger scouts and their siblings.
He also did a fire safety check and developed a fire escape plan for our family.  This puts him very close to completing the Fire Safety merit badge.
For history group Bishop studied ancient China.  Of course, we did a supplemental activity using tangrams.  I made each kiddo a set of sugar cookie tangrams.  They really focused on the puzzles before munching down on the cookies.   It was a lot of fun.
Our nature study group had its inaugural outing.  As a thunderstorm was moving in we decided to keep it indoors.  We decided that we would take a look at a naturalist and his ways.  We followed that up with a visit to our little museum that currently has an exhibit of John James Audubon's "Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America."  The bonus for this outing was that the boys continued on through the museum and were exposed to Romare Bearden, Grandma Moses, Jaspar Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, and more and they enjoyed it!  Afterwards, due to a lull in the storm, we managed to fit in a picnic at the park.  It was a blast.
Maceo, Bishop and I all entered photos in a photography contest hosted by our library.  This week we were notified that Bishop's photo of a muskrat, although nor the first place winner, was selected to be display throughout the month of April and it has been put on our newspapers online gallery.
Maceo's acting troupe had a performance at a community event and it was such a blast to watch him perform yet again.  It never gets old!

Maceo, Bishop and I went to a really cool art exhibit, Kent Melton from Aladdin to ParaNorman. Apparently Disney discovered fairly early on that it was easier for animators to draw while looking at three dimensional images rather then flat one dimensional images.  He hired sculptors to sculpt the characters for the animators to reference.  Today the Disney company still hires sculptors for that purpose and Kent Melton is one of those sculptors.  Some of his work was on display here in town and it was so cool to see these familiar images on display.

Rigorous rehearsals continued for Maceo, including tech week.
And (drum roll please) the show opened.
It was a thigh-slapping, belly-laughing kind of spectacle of a show.

And through all of this books have been read and ideas studied and discussed.
Bishop is researching game programming and is reading about Archimedes.
Maceo has numerous books, I can't even keep up.
They keep me busy.  They encourage my curiosity and challenge me to learn and experience new things.

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