Saturday, April 26, 2014


Twelve days ago my first mother-in-law, Flo, passed away.

She was a stunning woman who attracted the eye of a young man, a young soldier.

They wed...
 and created a family.
They had five boys - (l to r) Calvin, Glenn, Clinton, Goulton, and the little one is Michael.

I became her daughter-in-law when I married her middle child Calvin.
Calvin and I had two children, Christian and Keegan and Flo was their remarkable grandmother.
Calvin preceded his mother in death by twenty-one years yet I remained her daughter-in-law and my next two children, Maceo and Bishop, would call her Grandma, as well.
And so we met to tell her goodbye, to share the stories of her life, to express the joys of having known her and the sorrow in not having her with us anymore.

For now we bid her a fond farewell but we look forward to the day in which we meet again.
We love you, Flo!

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