Saturday, October 3, 2015

Lifestyle of Learning 2015 Edition: Volume Twenty-Four

September 27-October 3

Sunday:  Bishop returned from his scout camping trip at Pomme de Terre.  It was a success.  There was fishing and kayaking.  Bishop caught a fish with his hands but not with his pole.  He hasn't finished up fishing merit badge yet.
Immediately he joined his youth group on a trip to Smallin Cave.  He said it was a fantastic tour that covered as much in the way of history as it did science.
Maceo did a matinee performance of Grease then had to rush to a nearby farm for Huck Finn headshots.
We spent the evening keeping our eye on the lunar eclipse.

Monday:  This was a slow day with plenty of time for conversation.  I shared portions of the Republican debate with the boys which led Maceo to research the Democrat nominees.  We also discussed the process for nominating,
Maceo had his pre-professional training acting class (1 hour 20 minutes), while I went to a scout parent meeting and Bishop worked on the Citizenship in the Nation merit badge by watching the news.  Later we discussed what he had seen.

Tuesday:  Maceo attended troupe  (2 hours) and his improv class  (50 minutes).  Then he went to Incredible Pizza with friends and played a considerable amount of laser tag.
Bishop again watched the news and we had a discussion.  Bishop read a chapter of history.
Then he and I had lengthy discussions with Bishop about stories he creates (not written), names he chooses and why (word origins, derivatives, meanings), and we discussed story and character archetypes and ways in which they could be presented in a unique fashion.  It was an absolutely fascinating conversation.  It is when we have conversations such as these that I learn what the boys are researching independently and how they are making connections. It is amazing!

Wednesday:  I wasn't feeling well and had so much to do this morning that we didn't make it to science group but Bishop did go to history group.  He did narration, discussion and map work related to Champlain, Hudson, and the Pilgrims.  We ended by sharing a meal with foods that the pilgrims might have eaten; succotash, corn bread, pumpkin, spoon pudding.  It was yummy, yummy!

Maceo had his pre-professional acting class (1 hour 20 minutes) and managed to squeeze in a vocal rehearsal for an upcoming wedding (1 hour) before going to Huck Finn rehearsal (2 hours).  I had great conversation with Maceo about plays and churches and did some brainstorming about thespian troupe (performing one-acts, performing plays written by other troupers, rewriting public domain book into script and performing, creating a banned book monologue type thing).

Thursday:  Maceo had vocal lessons (1 hour) and had a touring company rehearsal (two hours).  Then, prior to performing Grease (three hours), Maceo participated in a training session for a local middle school's drama club (two hours).
Bishop did some yard work for me then made an incredible pork dish with cranberries and apples.  He researched recipes then created his own.  It was amazing.  He and I watched Face Off.

Friday:  Papa and Helen arrived in town last night.  Maceo was quite busy today with touring company rehearsal (3 hours and 15 minutes) while Bishop and I went to hang out with family.  Together we played Colorku and other logic puzzles.  We all had dinner with Papa before another performance of Grease.  Maceo performed (three hours) and Bishop and I viewed it along with some family.

Saturday:  Maceo had two performances of Grease today (six hours) while the rest of the family hung out together.  We went to a park where we had the opportunity to tag monarch butterflies 

We then walked through the beautiful gardens in the park.  I was particularly taken with the scent garden - a garden full of scented geraniums.  I learned that the "geraniums" were found and named in 1600's by explorers to South Africa.  At that time there were about 700 varieties and now a bit over 200.  They are truly fascinating.  I now want to plant my own scent garden.

After the park and after the final performance for the day I took Maceo to the Grease cast party.
It was an amazing party...

and an amazing way to end the week.
Tomorrow we shall say goodbye to Papa and Helen and to this production.

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